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Steve Earle Condi, Condi Lyrics

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Oh Condi Condi beggin’ on my knees
Open up your heart and let me in wontcha please
Got no money but everybody knows
I love you Condi and I’ll never let you go
Sweet and dandy pretty as can be
You be the flower and I’ll be the bumble bee
Oh she loves me oops she loves me not
People say you’re cold but I think you’re hot

Oh, Condi, Condi
Oh, Condi, Condi

Oh Condi, Condi I’m talkin’ to you girl
What’s it gonna hurt come on give me a whirl
Shake your body now let me see you go
One time for me Oh Condi I love you so
Skank for me Condi show me what you got
They say you’re too uptight I say you’re not
Dance around me spinnin’ like a top
Oh Condi Condi Condi don’t ever stop

Oh Condi Condi Can’t you hear me call
I’m standin’ in the street outside your garden wall
Pocketful of money belly full of wine
Condi in my heart and romance on my mind
Listen to me Condi don’t be afraid
I come here tonight to chase your blues away
I’ll never hurt you I’ll treat you right
Oh Condaleeza won’t you come out tonight

Pretty little Condi precious as can be
Bet you never had another lover like me

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Condi, Condi, how can you be blind? | Reviewer: jimbo | 5/27/2005

Steve Earle rips the admin a new one (per usual) on their stance as warmongers and takes them out one at a time. He tries to "woo" Condaleeza in (how he sees it) much the same manner as the Bush administration has. Of course this won't work, but he doesn't expect it to either. Steve wants to have the war end without another American son's blood shed. I listened to him speak about the shadow government (big businesses with fingers in the dirty money pie) and how they don't care about the rest of the world or how they view the USA, because when the wars keep breaking out, the poor man's sons are the ones shipped off to fight it and Big Business just get richer from the arms sales.

Beware 06/06/06 because the revolution starts NOW!

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