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Frenchie Concrete Jungle Lyrics

Last updated: 10/31/2012 03:58:47 PM

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.. I hear you creeping, but I don't like the smell of it
.. I hear you creeping, but I don't like the smell of it
.out the fence, try to tap a nigger...
Lames try to do me greezy ‘til I get upon a phone and call my cousin Dizzy
Bring ‘em straps on, I need that collar sixteen, with ‘em...
In your infrared... don't forget where you come!
On a ... block ... four lames... . don't forget on my...
A signature, I live it upon your bench, man
Now feeling high, I got ‘em saying...
New York... . and some...
Aka Birdie got me screaming out the nerve of them
You try to curve me... but I know no Benjamin.
Don't make me Benjamin, don't make me Benjamin
Don't even bring ‘em in!
I leave the crime scene bloody
How old... she's like the...

I told you man, I'm too hot, ever since the school yard
Sitting on these.. you just fake it on the
My hustle yeah, I move on, but now I'm with my new squad
I told you I'm a gangsta, mother fucker, you're a true bro!
This ain't no fucking comedy, that nigger is on that mocking shit
Bitch, I got my .. with me, my nigger is on that...
Smoking like a cigarette, that nigger is on a ...
You know the deal!
Shoe me uncle Phil doing that.. shit!
You all wanna fuck with me
I told you I don't play it..
Bitch you're not my wife, you're just the one I spend my day around!
Fuck ‘em then I leave ‘em!...
Uh, I'm I the ghetto where the Gs at,
My shit rock like heavy metal, niggers need that
Your wit slow, I push that pedal, we gonna leave that
I run upon you with this medal, we gonna squeeze that!

In the block like...
Rolling... punch a nigger I the face,
Make that nigger shut up!
I'm rolling with...
..get your ass done
Aka all that... , lay your pussy...
Here I let that beep...
... let that heat done,
All up in your hood, I wish your nigger would
Our framers get your ass bust, still rapping that...
There will never be a time..
I wish I was another nigger...
Show up in your neighborhood ..
Every way I go this, nigger put it down!
Spray that chopper, chopper around, .. chopper, chopper down
Throwing down that E gang...

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