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After spending several years in the embryonic form of Dream
6 (under which name they released an EP for Happy Hermit in
France), Hollywood, California, USA rock band Concrete
Blonde formed in 1986.

The founders of the group, former Sparks’s personnel Earle
(production) and Jim Mankey (guitars) plus Johnette
Napolitano (bass, vocals), were joined by Harry Rushakoff
(drums) for their debut on I.R.S. Records. Its alluring mix
of energy, sensitivity and streetwise wit secured Concrete
Blonde a positive response from both the music press More...

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Review about Concrete Blonde songs
Song meaning | Reviewer: Stacy
    ------ About the song Joey performed by Concrete Blonde

This song is actually about her being knocked up by joey, it was a one night stand. Years later he bumped into her and he first met the kid and he said he saw his eyes in the child. She soon made the song. I use to be a diehard fan so
I know lots about the artist.

Detours, fences | Reviewer: Muz
    ------ About the song Joey performed by Concrete Blonde

The Detours, fences lyrics does make a lot of sense in context...

Joey, baby - don't get crazy
Detours, fences... I get defensive
I know you've heard it all before -
so I don't say it anymore

I think this means that, whenever she confronts him about his addiction, the conversation simply takes detours (he talks around the subject, and ultimately detours away from the topic), or puts up fences, simply refusing to talk about it... So she doesn't even bring it up directly anymore.

Brilliant lyrics, brilliant song. A real piece of art this song. Something nice and different from "Baby I love you, we can be together forever, la la la."

I just heard it the other day, and it brought out a few tears, I just thought it was so well sung, and composed. Great song.

still a tear jerker | Reviewer: allen
    ------ About the song Tomorrow, Wendy performed by Concrete Blonde

The song still makes me cry a little after all these years, friends I've lost from a life I used to live growing up in long beach,ca somehow I'm still alive, I used to party hard, some friends I had lost to aids, some hiv, some to some hepatitis, some just flat out disappeared, and some of them had aids or hiv choose to take themselves out rather than fight I will never begrudge or never did I judge them for their choice, somehow I lived through it healthy, and I've always wondered if they where the lucky ones

still a tear jerker | Reviewer: allen
    ------ About the song Tomorrow, Wendy performed by Concrete Blonde

this song came out when i was in college, i never thought about it, in my 20's i lost a few friends from aids and other bad things, from our partying days and now at the age of 38 i still cry in my heart from all my friends who left too soon, and even a few from suicide because they where hiv positive, and somehow i made it and wonder if they where the lucky ones

addiction | Reviewer: kayla
    ------ About the song Joey performed by Concrete Blonde

This song is surely about addiction in a relationship. The guy (joey) is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Or both maybe. That's what it means when it says "joey I got the money" he needs his drugs and doesn't have the money. So she gives him money for it becuz she doesn't want to see him hurt in withdrawal. Yet it hurts her when he's using too. And she got in a fight with him over his using but now he's gone and she worries so she says "if ur somewhere passed out on the floor I'm not angry anymore" cuz she just wants him back. Whether he uses or not. The lyrics for the fences part I think are "expensive fences" because the drugs are his "fences" against life and they are expensive but it also puts a fence up in the relationship when she has to give him the money for the expensive drug addiction. And she gets defensive when they fight about the drugs. She got in a fight with him over his using and now she's apologizing to get him back. It shows how ppl get controlled by their addiction when they get hooked on drugs and how it makes the ppl who love them controlled by the addiction too. Becuz she just wants to love him no matter what it means.she's weak cuz she just wants him back even if he still uses at the end. She was strong enough to stand up to him and tell him to stop the drug use but when he left and used she worried so she would rather be weak and not angry if she gets to love him at least. Even if it means paying for his drugs and seeing him use to be happy.

It's about being in a relationship with an addict. | Reviewer: rottngrl
    ------ About the song Joey performed by Concrete Blonde

The song is about alcoholism, but it could very well be about any drug addiction. It's about the struggle, the pain they both endure due to his addiction. He is in pain, because it has control over him, and she's in pain trying to be there for him. At the end of the song, she says she still has love for him. Thats it. There is no ending, or closure. The song is about being in a relationship with an addict.

Let me share an experience... | Reviewer: Alexandra
    ------ About the song Joey performed by Concrete Blonde

I heard the end of the song on the radio today. I only heard the words "Joey, I'm not angry anymore", but those words meant so much to me. Right when i got home I looked up the lyrics and was shocked. My ex-boyfriend's name is Joey. We were so in love. Well, 6 months ago he got sent away to a Wilderness program for nine weeks and immediately after went to boarding school, very far away for his drug abuse. I suffered in indescribably pain for these 6 months that I haven't seen him. 6 MONTHS. Unbearable suffering. I would literally "cry till I was dry". After two months of his "extinction", he reentered my life through e-mail and a once-a-week phone call. Hearing his voice and talking to him for hours on end, however, actually increased my depression because I was not able to see him, touch was as though he were a far-away dream. He had been telling me he was coming home on his birthday (which was in October). But he didn't come home, and he told me he wasn't going to be coming home until next August. Well, when he told me this, something inside of me woke up. "It's time to move on can't keep holding onto this...he is a part of the past, and it's time to focus on what is in front of you," a voice inside my head was telling me. I realized I can't hang onto him anymore, it's too unhealthy. We have cut off all communication, and I feel like a new person. I'm really pulling through. I still think about him all the time, but I can't keep living like this. Oh Joey, I'm not angry anymore!

my son Joey | Reviewer: Gina Bianchi
    ------ About the song Joey performed by Concrete Blonde

My son's name is Joey and this has been my song to him since he was born. I had forgotten about it over the years. He is 17 now and strugling w/ being between being a kid and becoming an adult. We've been through so much together.
I heard "Joey" a few wks ago on the radio and I busted out crying! I bought the CD and played it for my Joey. He reconized the song right away. I know most people hear it and think of a male/female relationship, however this song really captures all the emotions, advise and love I feel every single day of my life as a mother.
Thank God for "Joey"

concrete blonde | Reviewer: BYRONI
    ------ About the song Tomorrow, Wendy performed by Concrete Blonde

johnette has this voice that, even when the song is more upbeat still carries this depth and pain like no other. "tomorrow, wendy", though written by a. prieboy, no other singer could make it as heart-wrenching. In Carry Me Away", the memory and lonliness of a failed relationship is so apparent that it brings those emotions out of the listener as well.

Joey! | Reviewer: brittany
    ------ About the song Joey performed by Concrete Blonde

well, i believe that shes saying shes madly in love with joey and shes held some kind of anger towards him well not towards him but towards his stupidity that she never wanted to hold. she gives him money because its the only reason he comes around and she knows its the only way she can pretend he loves her! its a sad love story!

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