Compton's Most Wanted Albums

  • It's a Compton Thang Album
    One Time Gaffled 'Em Up
    I'm Wit Dat
    Final Chapter
    I Give Up Nuthin
    This is Compton
    Rhymes Too Funky Pt. 1
    Duck Sick
    Give it Up
    Late Night Hype
    I Mean Biznez
    It's a Compton Thang

  • Straight Checkn'em Album
    They Still Gafflin
    Growin' up in the Hood
    Straight Check'N Em
    I Don't Dance
    Raised in Compton
    Driveby Miss Daisy
    Def Wish
    Compton's Lynchin
    Mike T's Funky Scratch
    Can I Kill It?
    Gangsta Shot Out

  • Music to Driveby Album (6/1/1992)
    Hit the Floor
    Hood Took Me Under
    Jack Mode
    Compton 4 Life
    8 Iz Enough
    Duck Sick II
    Dead Men Tell No Lies
    N 2 Deep
    Who's XXXXXXX Who
    This is a Gang
    Niggaz Strugglin
    I Gots Ta Get Over
    U's a Bitch
    Another Victim
    Def Wish II
    Music to Drive By

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