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Hate Plow Compound Lyrics

Last updated: 08/01/2003 03:33:38 AM

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They follow this one man
Reality they can't understand
They think that he is Christ
Controlling all their lives
They all live on a ranch
Guarding it day and night
These fucks have no chance
To have a normal life

Brainwashing is the key
To this society
Led by an inbred fuck
With visions of hypocrisy
They want to preach their words
They want more fucks to join
To start a colony, to start a family

No thoughts now to deceive
He begins to believe
Suicide is the way
For us to get away
No chance now to get out safe
Surrounded by the F.B.I.
Engulfed in tons of gasoline
Light the match, its time to die

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