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Nivea Complicated Lyrics

Last updated: 10/26/2012 02:04:00 PM

Sat up in the dark for so long
Just livin' my life on my own then
Right up out of the blue
Bumped into you
I was so amused
By your smile boo
Wanting you to call my phone
So me you can talk just a little more
I didn't know what to do I was feelin' you
Hopin' you would be cool of hangin' out too

I don't know what happened
Got people steady asking
How you go to sleep mad one day
The next wake up so happy?
Love works like magic
And it's so true my mind can't grasp it
I'm just glad that I've got you in my life

I think about us (all day)
Dream about you (always)
Love ain't always
Complicated [2x]

If I'm loving it don't take long
People speculating that it won't last long
But that just can't be true
'cause I've been lovin' you
Like you never knew that I could do
I will never let go gotta hold on
'cause you done made me and
You a happy home
And I give all me to you, I do
Whatever you ask me too

'cause boy you're my
Biggest blessing
They can keep on askin'
How I go to sleep mad one day
The next wake up so happy?
Well love works like magic
And it's so true my mind can't grasp it
I'm so glad that you made me your wife, I


Boy you make me feel so beautiful
And I ain't never gonna let you go
People say this ain't how it's supposed to go
But I refuse to believe
'cause it happened to me

One day you're
Standin' in the middle of the road
And you don't know where you're goin'
All of a sudden your whole life changed
And life finally gives you somethin' back
It's been a mean world without you
Boy I love you, I love you


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undefined | Reviewer: keyshia | 10/26/12

I love this song because iht brings bacc memeories of meh n my ex boyfriend...Iht brings joy to my eyes...We still love each other very much n i know dhat our love will never end!!!!

Morris | Reviewer: lonzenia | 10/8/11

i love this song because it's about me and my Morris yeah im young but i like him he's my high school sweat heart. I dont love him yet because i'm to young rite now. im not gone be like these other little girl's and do this love thing at my age cause i dont want to get hurt. but i been knowing him since i was two years old and since he was three. i like him cause whatever i want i get and he's a good dude, he does'nt hit me or nothing. i just dont want to rush it. Morris B. Williams Jr. <3 <3 <3 <3

himm | Reviewer: stephanie | 2/24/11

Everytime I hear this song I think of the boyt I like and how he make me feel inside I wanna go out with him but I don't wanna ask him out because that's weird , he knows I like him but he don't kno the rest

Complicated | Reviewer: Kima | 2/18/11

I grew up with this boy and we were together all through our childhood. but i moved away from him and he was all i could think about when i left. five years later, i move back to our hometown and i see him. that moment i knew we were meant to be. i thought of this song right then. but we never happened. but im always gonna love him.

........... | Reviewer: colbie | 1/26/11

i just LOVE dis song cause things do happen ova night dis song acually made meh leave my boyfiend beause i felt lk he didnt LOVe meh lik i should be LOVED but things will change and i hope i do find that one that makes meh feel lik im on top of the world until then i love my babies

BaddBion'ca | Reviewer: Victoria Bion'ca | 12/7/10

i have been thru so much in relationship, hurt by so many boys, lied to, cheated on and everything. But its like i have found this one boy im really in LOVE with. Like he just everything to me, he does anything i ask him to do. He's there for me wen i need him thru my ups and down in life. We have been together for 2 years now.... and i really love him! i listen to this song to get ALL my emotions out && think about how thankful i am to be on this earth and to deal with all my troubles and worries. iL O V E this song!

complicated | Reviewer: miesha | 12/4/10

I've been thru so much in life & when it come to this ♥ thing ialways listen to this song cause it so real its not funnie things cnt happen over night but they will happen over time ilove the man I've been with for a while.. & all ican do is thank good with closed hands

Joshua | Reviewer: . . .*** | 11/29/10

I love this boy. . .his name is JOSH and he's so amazing. Like when I first met him I couldnt stand him he was annoying. But we started talking while he had a girl frann(i didnt know)but i started to fall in love with him. . and he got mad at me bc his friends liked me and thought i was playing him . Now we talked out our problems and he tells me he loves me bc he knows i love him . . he said he still loves his ex(ugh)buhd he loves me and he doesnt wanna choose between me and the other girl ugh. Love Hurts** Badly

danny | Reviewer: aleshia | 10/10/10

i like a man name dan he is my everything i have been married already and he left me for another woman but inm only 18 but God gave me everything that i wanted my own house and car and a new friend because i was hurt i met dan october 4 2010 and my husband left september 11 2010 God put dan in my life beause he knew i didnt want my life to go this way with my husband but dan is an older man and he is way better than my ex-husband he takes me out my husband never did that and he is very funny so take this as a testimony what is one mans trash is another man treasure God knows that this will be the man the he sent me and he is in church my husband just didnt want that he is young so he is into everything else instead of settling down but im old fashion i am waiting on God and he is movin take this as a lesson ladies

Complicated | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/10

I met this boy at school and we started talking when he had a girlfriend but we didn't go no further than hug. So when school finally let out, we started talking again and he wanted to go out on a date so I told him that I was still a virgin and that I'm not ready to do anything that could jeprodize my future and I'm just not ready to have sex. He told me that he's not in it for the sex and that he really want me in his life and that we never have to have sex and that he'll prove that to me. Well some weeks went by and we don't text like we use to so I think I ether scarred him away or he wasn't into me to begin with. And I started falling for him so bad. I don't know what to do or how to handle it.

Antonio | Reviewer: Keerdick | 9/11/10

Antonio is love you so much....your my everything. You make my bad days good, theirs no place I would rather be then with you. My heart flutters every time we make me feel so good baby. I knew from the time we first started talking, that you were someone I wanted in my life. Your soooo special to me. I would never ever wanna hurt you, because your so good to me. I wanna be with you FOREVER. ily baby <3

Keedrick<3 | Reviewer: Antonio | 9/8/10

I've been talking to this boy named keedrick, and we have been talking for a month, and he is so good to me, but sometimes i think he talks to other dudes, im always hassling him about that, but then thing is, is that im just want his attention, all of it. i love him, and i tell him all the time that he doesnt give me all the attention i deserve, but see the thing is that we in a long distance relationship so its hard for me to trust him, when we are so far apart. I appreciate him, and he is always there, but i just want his all, and i want him to know that bby i love you :] you are my everything, im glad that you decided to make me your boyfriend because i can truely say that i am happy, and very happy to be with you <3 even though we tend to argue a lot becusz of my ways i do love you. like i told you before this song reminds me of you <3

life change since | Reviewer: alizia wiliams | 6/9/10

three years ago i met a boi name qwenton pippen i heard this song a week later and i just thought about it and tts wen i reliazed dhat dhiss song described my life or story and eve since then dhiss sng became my favorte song to listen too,, espically wen his away for the force

love~hate~pain | Reviewer: monique | 5/14/10

iloved this boy named reggie but it didnt last long so now i been with deyon for over 4 mouths and i love him his eyes make me fall 4 him when i should be mad at him he is every thing reggie wasnt i love you deyon

its official | Reviewer: Naazs Bee | 2/18/10

I have been friends with this boy for 10 years. We dated off and on sparatically for about 6 of those years. We still kick it still today, both of us still single but mingling. everyday we speak we express more and more emotion for each other. WE NEVER HAD SEX EITHER!! despite little disagreements and big arguments, i love him and he loves me. this isn't a "what should I do" review; however, it is a fact off this song that LOVE REALLY ISN'T THAT COMPLICATED (when its real) YOU CANNOT FORCE NOR BULSHIT SOMETHING THAT FLOWS SO NATURALLY!!