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Gary Numan Complex Lyrics

Last updated: 09/14/2007 11:00:00 AM

They won't come back
You know it's always the same
And they're sure to forget
Saying "everyone lies"

So I'm down to this
I'm down to walking on air
And you're here by my side
With all your waving and smiles

Please keep them away
Don't let them touch me
Please don't let them lie
Don't let them see me

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Still one of the gems of Gary's work | Reviewer: Brian | 9/14/2007

If you are moved by Gary’s sadder, introspective songs, Complex stands as one the defining workpieces in that area. Present throughout is that sweet string voicing used everywhere in the Pleasure Principle album, but in Complex, they seem to sing along with Gary in a counterpoising, aching melody. As for Gary, in his typical-for-that-era high-pitched nasal tone, he outlines for us his feelings of alienation and mistrust in some of his most (for me) creatively simple and brief, yet meaningful, verses. Gary has always been able to evoke a strong reaction out of me with the simplest of lines, and in Complex he implores towards the end, “Please keep them away - Don't let them touch me. Please don't let them lie - Don't let them see me.” When this album came out, this one verse basically said it all for me, in terms of my feelings towards humanity and the pain that always resulted from my involvement with them. Like Gary, I have grown and warmed with age, but this song for me is still like going to some secret place, by myself, and watching over the world from a distance, unknown to them.