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Selena Como la Flor (English Translation) Lyrics

Last updated: 12/01/2013 05:56:53 AM

I know you have
A new love
I wish you the best

If in me you found no
Perhaps someone else
Will give it to you

Like the flower (Like the flower)
With so much love (With so much love)
You gave me
It withered
Today I leave
I know how to lose
But oh, how it hurts me
Oh, how it hurts me

If you were to see how it hurts
To lose your love
With your farewell you take with you my heart

I don't know if I'll be able
To love again
Because I gave you all the love I could give

Like The Flower....

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My love for selena | Reviewer: Chipo | 12/1/13

Selena was the most talented woman in the world and it still hurts that she died when I was not born but she will always be in my heart forever
I curse yolonda for killing my best singer

special | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/13

selena was the most best female singer ever she is my fav. but i wish she wasn't dead i would shoot yolonda wright now selena will always be iin my heart forever it's like i learned how to sing her spanish songs within 2 or 3 days she inspired me that much i luv her rip selena and say hi to richi valens, aaliyah,2 pac,jenni rivera,and others

R.I.P. Selena <3 | Reviewer: DJ | 4/30/13

I'm a 90's kid and will be turning 20 this year. I wasn't even 2 years old yet when she died. I saw Jennifer Lopez portray her 2 years later in her biography movie. Her death was one of many that would shock the world, mostly because of how young she was when she died. She was young, VERY beautiful, and had the potential to go FAR in the music business. Selena, we miss you more than you know. Your music lives on through your fans, Chris, and your family and friends. Rest in peace love. Oh and say hi to Aaliyah, 'Pac, Biggie, and Left-Eye for us.

my daughters love the movie | Reviewer: greezy | 4/24/13

my daughters found a copy of selena and ever since they found it its been their favorite movie of all time, my girls were 6 and 7 when they first seen it and now 4 years later they still listen to her music daily and wish she wasn't gone

imagine an african | Reviewer: nombuso | 9/19/12

i love selena ever since growing up ive loved listening to musicals, and its funny how growing up as a child you end up attached to things and selena the movie was one of them whenever we went to rent out movies selena had to be part of the collection and i remember how my mother would shout. como la flor is my 1st song i learned from the movie than bidi bidi bom bom, and my mom found it very rare for an african girl like me to be interested in spanish which did look absurd than.

An American Dream | Reviewer: Talethe Collins | 6/1/12

I Love Selena!It is very heartbreaking that she is not still alive, but we all know that her spirit is still alive. I remember when I first seen the movie Selena...I kept watching it over and over again just to listen to her music. I love to sing and one day my mother heard me singin Como La Flor..and she asked ((what are you saying))...and I looked at her and said (Hmmm...Idk) Lol....It is so funny to me that I can love a song soo much without knowing the meaning of it! Because of Selena it opened my ears to listen to versatile music and persuaded me into taking Spanish classes in high school! In the end, Selena wanted to show the world that its true that you can achieve and make your dream come true. I believe that anything is possible. Thanks Selena! :)

i knew selena | Reviewer: someone who knew her | 4/8/12

selena and i were like best freinds i wasnt just he biggest fan but being in the same tour bus as her and signing with her, it was like i was part of the family. if only i was there when she died i was visiting my parents when i heard the news, i miss her so much

SELENA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/09

its sad that she died...... i was even close to being born but she was my inspiration, and to me she always will be.. even though im only 13.....she will live in my heart forever.....i have seen the movie with jenifer lopez in it, i dont know maybe 50 times!!! lol but im doing a project in spanish..... so i chose her because i have some stuff about if you can help me put more stuff about her up..... thank you

I LOVE Selena | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/07

Selena is probably the best female singer ever!! She inspried somany ppl!! It was so tragic for me b/c she was murdered when i was a baby so i could never see any of her concerts!! But i can still listen to her music!! Selena will live in many hearts forever!