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N2U Coming from the Heart Lyrics

Last updated: 05/09/2006 12:00:00 PM

Coming from the heart - N2U

[verse 1]

Don't even wanna think about it
Think about losing you
Come on now just forget about it
I dont know what I'd do
You're the colour in my picture
The reason for my song
You're my sunlight at early dawn
Every day that I wake up
Its like I'm blessed all over again (ooh yeah)
To spend another day with you lets me know how blessed I am (I am)
And no matter what i've been through
You never ran away
What I'm really tryna say is..


Coming from the heart
All these things I say are real
Don't know where to start
Cos everything you do fulfills
It breaks my every wish
Didn't know it would be like this
And this is coming from the heart

[verse 2]

(Coming from the heart) Our love is like a mountain
Cant believe that we climbed so high (coming from the heart)
And if we keep on climbing (climbing)
I think we can touch the sky (ooh coming from the heart)
Should the world ever stop turning I would still love you (yes I will)
Every word I say is true (wooahh)

[Chorus] (humming in the background)

[verse 3]

Each and every day (each and every day)
We go through changes
You don’t know who's by your side
Tryna find away (tryna find away)
To different places, different places best believe that I....

I’ll never ever leave you (yeaa) can’t see the day that I would
There no scale that can messure unless it leads all good
So don’t you worry about nothing alright? Because I want you always (all I wanna say) that’s all (all I wanna say) I really wanna say (wow wow)

Have u ever tired to find the words to say what’s deep inside you can’t figure out the reason why they just won't come out right but you gotta tell the world just how happy life can be this is a song for you and me


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