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Dallas Green Comin Home Lyrics

Last updated: 11/08/2011 10:00:00 AM

Comin' Home-City&Colour

Well I've been down to Georgia,
I've seen the streets in the west,
I've driven down the 90,
Oh hell, I've seen America's best.
I've been through the Rockies,
Hell, I've seen Saskatoon,
I've driven down the Highway 1
Just hopin' that I'd see you soon.

Cuz I'm comin' home
I'm comin' home (x6)

Well I've never been to Alaska,
But I can tell you this;
I've been to Lincoln, Nebraska
And hell you know it ain't worth shit.
I've been through Nova Scotia,
Sydney to Halifax,
But I'll never take any pictures
Cuz I'll know I'll just be right back.

Cuz I'm comin' home
I'm comin' home (x6)

Well I've seen a palace in London,
I've seen a castle in Wales,
But I'd rather wake up beside you
And breathe that old familiar smell.
I never thought you could leave me,
I figured I was the one,
But I understand your sadness,
So I guess I should just hold my tongue.

But I'm comin' home
I'm comin' home (x6)

I know that we're taking chances,
You told me life was a risk,
I just have one last question;
Will it be my heart
Or will it be his?

Comin' home,
I'm comin' home (x6)

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Just an FYI | Reviewer: JJDoesDallas | 11/3/11

He wrote this song YEARS before he even met Leah Miller... Just saying... Those who think your City and Colour fans and that you idolize Dallas Green... Get yer facts straight first before you start spouting ideas about who and what this song represents in his life... you weren't there!

Rant | Reviewer: ben hillyar | 4/10/11

First of all Dallas Green is the best singer i have ever heard. Secondly the reason cassandra thought this song is about the same girl is because it is about the same girl he is married just clearing that up for everyone.

Brilliance | Reviewer: Cassandra (Saint_in_the_City) | 11/3/10

Like every piece Dallas has written outside of Alexisonfire, this is a masterpiece. I have a feeling the girl in The Girl is probably the same girl in this song, because the emotional connection is so strong with both songs. I won't get all poetic here, because a hundred people have already said it but this is brilliant acoustic rock at it's finest and Dallas Green has the potential to be come THE DEFINING singer/songwriter of his generation. He is leagues beyond almost anyone but Frank Turner and Mumford and Sons for musicality and emotional fire. Bless you, Dallas Green. Keep making amazing music.

Meaning for dudes, i guess.. | Reviewer: Chase | 11/25/09

First off this guy is pretty talented for writing a beautiful song. Coming Home refers to the previous 3 pages of reviews "being on tour with Alexis on Fire, but also the backbone kicker is with him enjoying what he loves doing, he sacrafices what he loves the most, because like us all guys. When do women keep there legs closed for one guy when he's gone??? :(

My thoughts | Reviewer: ashlee | 2/25/09

Dallas Dallas Dallas, i say he's putting his point across that he can go anywhere in the world and see anything and everything he wants but the only place he feels safe and loves is being with her because she's his home
i think its a beautiful song and he's completely talented
its got beautiful lyrics and his voice just goes with the lyrics:)

Different meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/09

I don't think the song is supposed to be taken as litteraly. I think that yes he has been gone away but not nessisarily on tour and not just nessisarily physicaly anyway. He has become detached from her in one of the two ways, or possibly both at the same time but I think "I'm coming home" more so signifies that he's going back to her, it doesn't have to mean physicaly leaving tour or a trip to go see her. He's saying he still loves her and wants to be with her and will do whatever it takes to make sure he fights and battles through whatever is keeping them apart so that they can be together. "I'm coming home" is just saying k babe, I can't be there right now, but I'm there with you in spirit and you are my number 1. Of course he also realizes that there's a possibility of another guy, or feelings for another guy or something of the sort, but I think its all on a much deeper level then just physical situation.

Comin home | Reviewer: Francis | 11/28/08

okay , First im gonna tell what i think about...
This Song is The Perfect song that every artist try to make , and she means a lot for me .

about the song what its saying: Dallas go on tour with his band Alexisonfire about all years . He creat his song in the van of tour with his acoustic Guitar... When he talk about the place like London and Wales , its because he make tour there with the band , When he said
''But I'll never take any pictures''
''Cuz I'll know I'll just be right back''

Its because he know that hes gonna be back with the band next years in tour.All this emotion in the song is only saying how he miss his wife and how hes scary that she could leave him because hes never home..He said im Comin hom about 30 time , its to be clear that this time hes really comin home and nothing gonna stop him to see her .

that was my opinion for this song.
Its my favorite Song.
Dallas Green is my idole , he have so much talent.

( Sorry for my english , its not my first language)
Thanx for reading and thanx to dallas to have creat this song.


Great song... | Reviewer: Cheg | 11/26/08

Maybe he says "I'm comin home" too much but it's not annoying. The weirdest bit of that song is the castle in Wales. How random is that? Who ever thought people on the other side of the pond knew that Wales actually exists? It seems they do know we are here. Nice one Dallas!

Passion in music and the cryptic messages they tell. | Reviewer: Josh Vaughan | 10/24/08

First i'll comment on why I respect this song musically. Dallas Green accomplishes something that most musicians attempt but fail miserably. He puts his emotions into words, and still it is as if he is talking to this person who has done this to him. The lyrics aside, his vocals and the ambient guitar all put an exclamation point on the emotions evoked by this song, similar to the way an orchestra or opera in a foreign language would be. You could have no idea what he's saying, but he doesn't have to say it where you understand it to evoke feelings and apiphanies on exactly what is going on in his world. The song brings a sense of desperate hopefulness, yet a sorrow and unsureness of what is about to happen. 'Comin' Home' is nothing short of a masterpiece of rock because it does all these things, and yet the song was made by the artist, for the artist, about the artist and is still sought after by many because it is a relational experience. He was just the only one that could put it into words and music.

Now i'll be selfish for a minute (lol) and say what the song means to me.
Lyrically speaking and breaking it down shows that Dallas is on his way home and is talking to his infatuate, when he finds that she has in fact been with someone else and is torn between the two. Dallas, heartbroken by the idea begins to speak and think out loud. He's on tour, he can't be there all the time, but damned if he doesn't do everything to be there in spirit . He's remained faithful, and the only thing that kept him going was the knowledge and hope that soon he'd be back with her. Imagine how deep a heart would sink at the finding of this, when you have been slapped in the face like this. Dallas, however, still in love with her, says he still wants to be with her, but he will not be a fall back guy, it's all of her or none of him for Dallas, as it rightfully should be. Either way, he's comin' home.

This situational experience has happened to me on numerous occasions, and the fact that he could show so much strength to not react out of anger and have the willpower to just say 'look, if you want me, come get me. otherwise, leave. I will not be the backup for your screw up and i will not be disrespected by someone that doesnt care about me like i do them. make your choice.' Yet he still will move on because he knows that no one can brign another individual down deep unless that person chooses to be the victim of that person who harmed you. It keeps me going, like a fire constantly looking for fuel and refusing to burn out like Dallas does, turning a very morose, sorrowful, and heartwrenching situation into a musical masterpiece.

Comin' Home | Reviewer: WilltIpz. | 7/10/08

This song has been important to me for a long time now, its about heartbreak and the journey Dallas took. To be honest it relates to a previous experience that ment alot to me. If i hear this song it reminds me of the good and bad times relating to that experience.
Comin' Home is a favourite song of mine and probly will be for a long time to come.