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Kenny Price Comin' Home To Kentucky Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2004 09:43:35 PM

I'm headed for the bluegrass state goin' back where the livin's great
Though my body left one day my mind's never been away from Kentucky Kentucky
Back to the place where I was raised I bet enough that Boone County's changed
I'll start livin' right again when my feet touch down on my old friend
Kentucky Kentucky
I'm coming back to settle down I've been a few years wanderin' round
Seein' places I've dreamed about prayed about and just had to see
Now I've satisfied that urge in me and I'm comin' home Kentucky Kentucky

I've just seen the prettiest highway sign twenty miles to the Kentucky line
I'll find me a Kentucky wife together we'll make for us a life Kentucky Kentucky
I'm coming back to settle down...