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In Flames Come Clarity Lyrics

Last updated: 12/30/2013 07:03:06 AM

rushing through 30, getting older every day
By two, drawing pictures of innocent times
Can you add... colour... inside these lines?!

I want you to lead me
Take me somewhere
Don’t want to live in a dream one more day

I want you to lead me
Take me somewhere
Don’t want to live in a dream one more day

Sure, if we change our perspective
I'm certain, I would change today
I'm certain, it will change our ways
Would things fall into place?

I want you to lead me
Take me somewhere
Don’t want to live in a dream one more day

I want you to lead me
Take me somewhere
Don’t want to live in a dream one more day

I want you to lead me
Take me somewhere
Don’t want to live in a dream one more day

I want you to lead me
Take me somewhere
Don’t want to live in a dream one more day

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Meaning | Reviewer: Slash | 12/30/13

This song means that we all got an awsome life if we move our lazy asses and do something usefull with our time ... spare your energy for something that got a meaning and can get you somewhere !

@stromblad | Reviewer: Ivebeenthinkin' | 1/19/13

That's exactly how i've thought about these lyrics since the release. Alcoholic in his 30s, talking to a psychologist or something about his drinking problems. He wants help and someone to lead him to a right path. He starts his every day by saying "I'm certain i'd change today" but still he doesn't. He's also asking himself if his life would be any better without alcohol.

stromblad | Reviewer: stromblad | 5/29/12

what if the song is written by Jesper Strömblad? He was addicted to alcohol, and what if the song is about alcohol addiction and he just wants some support from his wife or someone?

lost in thoughts | Reviewer: Tobi | 5/23/12

I've been listening to inflames for a little over a month now and all I've found is true music not that fake shit you see everywhere just talkng sex drugs and wanna be 'gangstas.' I've heard more soul from this bands music than I have one most mainstream stations. At least where I live anyways. If I had to sum up all over their songs that I've heard I'd have to say there is always something I can take away with some meaning that always makes my day more barable and easy to cope with. I love this band simple as that. They always make me think somehow.

Come clarity. | Reviewer: Novaray | 2/27/12

Makes me think of my life right now. Caught at a point where I don't know what to do with my life. There is so much I want to be, so much I want to see, but I just do not know how to go about it. It is stressful, for anyone to be content with the path they choose in life. This song is me telling myself, "I want you, to lead yourself."

There are alot of unknowns in life and it humbles you everyday when you think of all the things that could happen. What I take from this song, is that I never want my decisions to hold me back.

Sad song for me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/11

This song makes me feel sad everytime I listen to it, reminds me of a beautifull girl who I loved dearly and she meant the world to me, but she didn't love me. "I want you to lead me,
Take me somewhere, Don’t want to live in a dream one more day" makes me feel like I'm caught in a bad dream that I can't wake up from wishing that she would wake me up and lead me to a better, happier place... but she never wakes me up from it.

Anders Fridén | Reviewer: Micke | 4/30/11

You have a great life, but you don't know the meaning of it. You want to find the meaning of life and whats more important than living in a dream.
But by "rushing through 30" he realized that life will never be that perfect. That you will maybe never find that. So he wants someone to get him to somewhere. It doesn't matter where, just to be no longer alone.
"Anders thanks: Helena [his wife] for help, guidance, faith, support, and for giving me the most beautiful girl in the world; Agnes [his daughter], my clarity, I crawled through knives and you woke up from a dream, this album's for you"

In this case Anders (the singer of In Flames) wrote this song to his daughter. About how he wants and how his daughter will change his vision of life. "Can you add color inside These lines"

"I Want You to lead me, Take me somewhere" - he wants his daughter to show him the way to a better life and be together with her when shes growing up.

you allready know the truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/11

its about life, and how it's just a fake world. It's not real at all. It's just in your head, and the only thing keeping you company are your own minds creations.... oh how powerfull your mind can be, and how once you figure this out everything around you will killo protect you from the truth, i.e. your demons, your subconlcious will kill to not accept this fact... like your life depends on it, but the closer you look, the more you realise that this can't be real life... it's just a dream, but you will age and die in this prison. And you've allready seen every scenario many times over, like Deja-vu. The only way to die is through your mind, burn yourself out, use your inner energy up fast.... after all better to burn out, than fade away.

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/11

Every time I hear this song it makes me think of the first time I saw these guys live feb 11 2006 was there with a amazing lady but I let her slip through the cracks, but anyways ya this band kicks ass

way to go! | Reviewer: ckymonstr | 7/19/10

Its amazing to see bands who legitimize metal, im sick of every song from other bands being about devouring the innocent and what is meant to have meaning so its great to see a band acknowledge that.

freakin amazing | Reviewer: comeclarity | 5/23/10

I dont care what its about it makes me think of my girl... its really helpful when i skate. i skate best when listening to this damned song. i love it i love skating and most of all i love my girl. thats whats up.

My opinion | Reviewer: Clau | 2/4/10

1st time when i listened to this song, my mind led me to my girlfriend, i don't know why,something happened in subconscious. I like sooo much that guitar solo...just happened to me with another song( Hoobastank - The Reason, maybe u've heard about it). So, great song:P

Rawr | Reviewer: Sebastian | 1/19/10

There can be tons of meanings behind every song. It's what you take from the lyrics personally that makes the song good to you. If you want the real story behind the song...go find In Flames...and ask them. Lol

The meaning | Reviewer: Mr. Awesome | 1/13/10

Maybe the song could mean, that he is in love. Hes getting older, without love and dreams of the person he loves and wants her to take him out of that dream and make it true. IDK if hes married tho so maybe thats wrong.. whatever, But goats can make milk!

Meaning | Reviewer: Chris | 1/10/10

Actually the song is about his son ^^ says so in the book with the CD. He mentions of his son being his "clarity."

There wasn't much but I interpreted it as he is roughly 30 of age and his son wants to be grow like his father, "I want you to lead me" But that's just me =P