Colton Dixon Albums

  • Anchor Album (8/19/2014)
    Our Time Is Now
    Walk On the Waves
    35.8438, -86.4518
    More of You
    Loud and Clear
    Fool's Gold
    Dare To Believe
    Through All of It
    Back To Life
    This Isn't the End

  • A Messenger Album (1/29/2013)
    I'll Be The Light
    You Are
    Never Gone
    Love Has Come For Me
    Where My Heart Goes
    This Is Who I Am
    In And Out Of Time
    Let Them See You
    Bonus Tracks
    Wake Up
    The Shape Of Your Love

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    Reviews about Colton Dixon albums
    "A Messenger": A Well Titled Album | Reviewer: Alexandra
        ------ About the album A Messenger performed by Colton Dixon

    Colton portrays a very strong faith in the Lord with the words he sings. All these songs sure yanked on my heartstrings. I couldn't wait for this album to come out. I just believe that he is a great singer. Hopefully, this album will impact listeners.

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