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Colton Dixon Biography

Last updated: 01/28/2013 07:36:51 AM

Colton Dixon was born on October 19, 1991, to parents Michael and Teresa Dixon. He was born and raised in a middle-class family in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, along with younger sister, Schyler. His father runs a face painting/air brush company, and his family has a Maltese dog named Maggie, a dog named Ozzy, and a cat named Chloe. Besides being a choir member throughout high school, Dixon was into skimboarding and collecting bobbleheads. In 2008, he was an extra during the filming of "Hannah Montana: The Movie". He graduated from Middle Tennessee Christian School in 2010. He is a devout Christian, and has sung at several worship services including at Saddleback Church. He and Schyler are part of a Christian rock band called Messenger. He sees himself going into Christian music and will release his debut album A Messenger with EMI-CMG/Sparrow Records on January 29, 2013. Chris Daughtry and Hayley Williams are his favorite male and female artists. Other musical influences include Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lifehouse, Evanescence, Switchfoot, Skillet, and The Fray.