Colt Ford Albums

  • Thanks For Listening Album (7/1/2014)
    Thanks For Listening
    She's Like
    Cut ‘Em All
    The High Life
    Dirty Side
    Sip It Slow
    Workin' On
    Crank It Up
    Farm Life
    Outshine Me
    Washed In The Mud

  • Declaration Of Independence Album (8/7/2012)
    Answer To No One
    Drivin' Around Song
    All In
    Ain't Out Of The Woods
    Dancin' While Intoxicated( DWI)
    It's All
    Hugh Damn Right
    Room At The Bar
    All Of My Tomorrows
    Happy in Hell
    Way Too Early
    Angels & Demons

  • Every Chance I Get Album (5/3/2011)
    Country Thang
    Work It Out
    Waste Some Time
    Do It With My Eyes Closed
    This Is Our Song
    Titty's Beer
    She Likes To Ride In Trucks
    Pipe The Sunshine In
    Every Chance I Get
    What I Call Home
    Overworked & Underpaid
    Skirts & Boots

  • Chicken & Biscuits Album (4/20/2010)
    Chicken & Biscuits
    Hey Ya'll
    Mud Flap
    All About Y'all
    Nothing in Particular
    Tool Timer
    Cricket on a Line
    She Ain't Too Good for That
    Hip Hop in a Honky Tonk
    Ride On, Ride Out
    Country Kids
    Trailer Park Pulp Fiction
    We Like to Hunt
    Chicken & Biscuits

  • Ride Through The Country Album (1/1/2008)

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