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Can you feel it crush you? does it seem to bring the worst in you out?
There's no running away from these things that hold you down.
Do they complicate you because they make you feel like this?
Of all the colors that you've shined, this is surely not your best.
But you should know these colors that you're shining are,

Surely not the best colors that you shine.
Surely not the best colors that you shine.

I know you feel alone yeah, and no one else can figure you out.
But don't you ever turn away from the ones that held you down.
Well they'd love to save you, don't you know they love to see you smile?
But these colors that you've shined, are surely not your style.
But you should know these colors that you're shining are,

Surely not the best colors that you shine.
Surely not the best colors that you shine.

I know you're feeling like you're lost,
But you should know these colors that you're shining are..
I know you're feeling like you're lost,
You feel you've drifted way too far,
Did you know these colors that you’re shining are,

Surely not the best colors that you shine.
Surely not the best colors that you shine.

(Surely not the best)
I know you're feeling like you're lost,
(Colors that you shine)
But you should know these colors that you're shining are
(Surely not the best)
I know you're feeling like you're lost,
You feel you've drifted way too far.
Did you know these colors that you're shining are...

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GRIEF AND DESPAIR | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/11

I recently lost the man I have waited 40 years to find. We met when he was 46 and I 39. Instant everything. I had at one time told friends and family that "if I do not have at least a boyfriend or possibility of one when I turn 40, I will kill myself". Obviously I suffer from severe depression as well as other illnesses. Most notably an extremely abysmal residence in self-esteem and am in a class for that, however, I NEED something for the grief...I was at my best friend's house and he introduced me to my love and his friend as well so knowledgeable of my extensive grief and request to friends and family to please just let me commit suicide so not in this pain anymore...he gave name of band and song to me and a recitation that it hurts him and family and other friends and coworkers to see me in such pain, but that these colors I am wearing are not the way to go and that all of us would love to see a shade that would make me shine...needless to say, I cried upon hearing the lyrics, but in a good way I guess. I have definitely been able to make it through life day after day regardless of my outlook...when feel myself falling I then listen to David Cook's "Permanent" and I feel guilty for resenting growing old when his brother did not get the chance...sorry so long...I am now hooked on this band (do not have CD YET or anything) as well as Three Days Grace anything and everything I can find from them. The other group mentioned in a previous review is one I am not familiar with but intend to become so. Thanks.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/09

well... like someone said this song can mean many different things. i played varsity high school football 2 years ago and we pulled a winning season together and hosted the playoffs for the first time in i think 15 years. we won in the first round 48-0 and thought we were going to cruise to the big one then got crushed at home in the semifinals 22-0.

In the highlight tape this is the song that was used for that game. It always seemed to me that the song meant more of a song about showing a side of you or in my case team, feeling hopeless in trying to stop something from ruining everything you worked hard 4 and ultimately showing a weaker side of yourself that is "surely not the best colors that you shine". song means a ton to me but can be taken many different ways

this is how it reminds me | Reviewer: brado | 11/21/09

soo this song, to me, is talking to someone you know, that your sure can "shine better colors" that what they really are. That this person isnt doing whats best for them, whether they realize it or not and that you know they could be living a better and happier life. this song happens to remind me of girl im talkin to right now. Guess we'll see if we can get these true colors to shine.

Hey i didn't know this group | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/09

This is the first time that I've heard of this group. Anyway I like it. The voice of the singer is very worked, the instrumets and the chorus sound very well toghether... Well I am fan of this group from now. I'll give this guys a 10.

P.S.: sorry if there are some gramatical or ortographic errors but i don't usually speak english beacouse i born and lived in south america.

Good song | Reviewer: Cody | 7/24/09

This is one of my favorite songs by crossfade. The meaning is totally up to how the listener interperets the lyrics. I personally think it's about watching someone you've known forever and love start to change, emotionaly, and personality. It's not an easy thing to watch but sometimes there are things in life that take you to a place noone has ever seen you at. And it takes a friend or loved one to tell you to bring you back to the good side. I can relate to this song as the one who showed the bad colors for a while. But thats just my view of the song. Happy listening everyone

Well.. | Reviewer: Jerem | 5/24/09

Ok, Ive been a fan of crossfade for like foreva and i must admit this isnt their most best or heavyest song, but its sooooo easy to sing and that makes it good for me. To tell the truth i think this song is about someone that is doing something to be part of the "it" crowd and the guy is starting to notice the person doesnt like it but has to keep doing it to be popular and he doesnt like it compared to the normal person and this has happened to the best of people. I mean look at heath ledger. All and all this song is really good and i will enjoy hearing it everytime.

So easy to relate to. | Reviewer: *** | 4/18/09

I agree with the below post. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend of a few years. He used to be headed in the right direction, but started hanging around a different crowd. He's into drugs, doesn't have a job, and isn't nearly the same person I used to know. I can relate to this's talking about watching someone you really love and care about change every aspect of themselves. They fall into a hole of despair and problems they just can't get out of. They seem to forget about the ones that love and care about them. The song is saying that while we look at this person we love and care about go down the wrong path..we want them to know people are there for them, and the person they have become isn't a good version (or color) of them.

hmmmmm | Reviewer: Meagan | 11/27/08

I think this song could be taken a little differently, sounds like someone who is talking to an old friend. A friend who is chaing for the worst. A person who is becoming like the crown and forgetting about their true colors.

Hes telling this person that the colors they are shinning are surely not the best and to not forget about the people who are truley your friends at all times.

Maybe its someone who is getting into drugs, or just simply becoming part of the crowd, which is always a bad things because you should never change your colors for anyone else.
Or could be one lover to another, saying things are going down due to the object of t he song not being the same person.

Colors | Reviewer: Darcy | 11/15/08

Really a great song... sort of describes someone who is cold and harsh on the outside and somewhat less so on the inside. I know a lot of people like that and quite honestly I'm told I'm one of them. If you like Crossfade, you'd probably like "Headstrong" by Trapt and nearly anything by Three Days Grace.

Awesome Song/Band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/08

I had never heard of Crossfade before, and then i found this song by chance. This song freakin rocks! One of my instant favorites. Then I downloaded a bunch of Crossfade stuff and it's all good. If you like this song listen to "Starless", "Cold", and "No Giving Up". I also like their song "Invincible" Check 'em out people. Crossfade Rules!

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