Cold Lyrics

Scooter Ward : Vocals
Matt Loughran: Guitar
Jeremy Marshall : Bass
Sam McCandless : Drums

NO ONE could have predicted the chaos and upheaval the
members of Cold have faced over the past two years.
Following the triumph of "13 Ways To Bleed On Stage" (2000)
and 2003's "Year Of The Spider" (which spawned two hit
singles, "Suffocate" and "Stupid Girl"), the outlook was
sunny. Both albums went Gold. They had numerous appearances
on television and toured extensively with bands like
Marilyn Manson, Godsmack and 3 Doors Down. More...

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Review about Cold songs
Meaning | Reviewer: Ryan
    ------ About the song Give performed by Cold

Its about giving and never receiving. Basically meaning be your self and don't mind what other people think of you. Also means don't be lazy ("some people tend to think that you are issued with no imagination, I think your one fucked up individual, come to think of it, you are one fucked up individual." This song has saved millions of lives and inspired millions as well.

god damn in love with this song | Reviewer: red disaster495
    ------ About the song With My Mind performed by Cold

I love this song the first time i found this song is when i was looking at madness combat and found a fan made vid of...well madness and that was the song me and my brother and sister love that song so we look it up and found it now its stuck in my head for weeks XD (again)

Tribute song | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song The Day Seattle Died performed by Cold

This song is a tribute to 2 musical gods, Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain. R.I.P

real song writing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rain Song performed by Cold

edit to the lyris
"When the clouds, take the sky
Does a soul, give you life?"

this is wrong its actaully "does a STORM, give you life" I have the cd booklet
but bk to the song its beautiful and the whole album is miles ahead of most other music out there.

amazing song | Reviewer: snehash
    ------ About the song Gone Away performed by Cold

i hav been a rock enthusiast fr 8 years nw but i hav never heard or felt so mch pain dan cold..of course der r exceptions bt scooter de god of vocals...he is way he puts words wit feelings is marvelous nd de music dat comes out fills u inside...some of his creations like wasted years nd suffocate nd black sunday r pieces of perfection.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When Angels Fly Away performed by Cold

I've loved this song for a very long time. it makes me think about our brave troops fighting for us. Nothing but respect to you guys. I'm trying to get in the military my self, but the air force. P.s. Troops make it home safely.

nostalgia | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Different Kind Of Pain performed by Cold

As soon as I heard this album, it made me sad. This song (and album) has helped me through a lot during my various problems that I was going through. I cannot describe how much this band's lyrics get to me. I love you Cold.

outstanding | Reviewer: jj_mafia
    ------ About the song With My Mind performed by Cold

this song makes me inspired to do some things when i heard psi-ops was published on ps2 i rushed around lebanon to find it and eventually i found it listened to the song and it was the best song ever written COLD YOU ROCK!

Inspiration | Reviewer: Sp00k
    ------ About the song When Angels Fly Away performed by Cold

I'm writing a book, a compellation of real accounts placed on fictional characters (to keep things, openly anonymous) that has to do with a deployed PFC in the Marine Corps. I have had things accounted to me directly by friends and family, I've seen the hell it is in combat and I've worked for the gov't as a civi. I know the shat that happens.
This song has inspired me to write this book, and has inspired many friends of mine who have been sent to war with family, girlfriends or wives alike waiting for them to come home, or that letter to be delivered. There is no such thing as suspense, or worry or hell until you're standing there every day watching the road for that car to drop off a man in full dress carrying nothing more than a letter.

For the warriors who fight and fought for our freedoms and rights I salute you and they deserve more respect than we can ever give.

The most love inspiring song ever. exactly hoe i feel | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Happens All The Time performed by Cold

The song describes fighting for the one you love and never giving up on him/her no matter what happens no matter what pain you feel.

and to be honest in my situation with the love of my life.
This song describes me and her perfectly there isnt a more heartbreaking song (In a good way) as it reminds me of the memories and how iv spent the happiest times of my life with her.
and with those memories comes tears of happiness.

i been boxing and kickboxing for 6yrs and even i cried my eyes out for hours after hearing this.

the memories will always be on my mind. il love her forever no1 else.

well done cold for the most beautifull song ever.

and i want this song to get in the charts no matter how late its released.

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