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Damien Rice Cold Water Lyrics

Last updated: 06/09/2014 04:14:27 PM

Cold, cold water surrounds me now
And all I've got is your hand
Lord, can you hear me now?
Lord, can you hear me now?
Lord, can you hear me now,
Or am I lost?

No one's daughter allow me that
And I can't let go of your hand
Lord, can you hear me now?
Lord, can you hear me now?
Lord, can you hear me now?
or am I lost?

oooo, I love you
Don’t you know I love you
And I always have
Will you come with me?

Cold, cold water surrounds me now

Women:cold cold water surrounds me now

And all I've got is your hand
Lord, women :can you hear me?
Lord, women :can you hear me now?
Lord, women :can you hear me?

Am I lost with you?
Am I lost with you?
Am I lost with you?

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This is purely speculation from a disordered mind. | Reviewer: ROBERT | 6/9/14

I am absolutely HAUNTED by this song 'COLD,COLD WATER". To MY mind I believe it is a story of suicide and the person committing suicide encounters God who tells him that he is and has always been loved. To my mind this is a statement of an empty, damaged life which has no redemption. However, I feel the suicide, realizes that all he has is the hand of God and he is troubled that God might abandon him ("LORD< CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW") as he has committed this serious act of self deliverance. Anyone agree with me on this?

Hauntingly beautiful | Reviewer: J Ledbetter | 11/30/12

I love this song! I too think that it is about our journey in life, and that no matter how alone we feel we are never truly alone. God is always there holding our hand through everything. Damien Rice, you are a lyrical genius!

Baptism/new life | Reviewer: Electrum7 | 2/27/11

This is a beautiful and haunting song that takes you through the act of being baptised. He starts out out surrounded by cold water and we hear the "underwater" chants of the men singing "you know I love you and I always have...will you come with me..." in my opinion signifying Jesus "knocking at the door" of His child. Baptism is symbolic of death of the worldly life and the birth of the new spiritual life with God as well as symbolizing the washing away of sin by Jesus' blood. At the end you hear the chants beneath the water again "He will walk by your side..." at least on the O Deluxe version I have from iTunes.

Beautiful. When you're baptised it's almost like everything slows down. You're new. You can't put your finger on it but something is....changed.

Cold Water | Reviewer: Selerstine Reed | 9/6/10

I have watched this movie at least 10 times. Every time I cry at the end when Cold Waters is played. I realize all that David went through to get to his mother and the end of his journey. This song brings about such sadness in me, because like David I wonder why people hurt others, why this world is so violent and hateful.

My Cold Water | Reviewer: Charlotte | 4/29/10

At the end of the movie I Am David, this awsome song came on. And while it related to the end of the movie. The song also took me back 5 years when my husband told me he wanted a divorce. Cold Water accuality put words to how he made me feel. I was surrounded by the unknown. I remember thinking I won't let go fo Gods hand. This was the worse pain I had ever felt, but I made it through.

In response | Reviewer: Irrelevant | 11/15/09

I applaud your rationalism. It isn't often people choose reason over a comfortable lie. If there were ever a time where someone could claim the comfortable lie is justified, that would be the time.

Maintain that clear perspective. From one optimistic atheist to another, I wish you well.

God is Holding Your Hand | Reviewer: Jennifer | 9/18/08

This is in response to the post on 8/29/08.

I am so sorry about your loss. It is very painful to lose someone you are so close to. I can understand why you would became angry with God and question why it happened.

I too grew up Catholic ~ I found it as you put it "religion." When I was 23, I learn that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus. Since that time, I have realized that Jesus has been with me my whole life. He has experienced all of my joys and all of my sorrows with me. It hurts Him deeply when we hurt. The depths of His emotion is indescribable. As you know He came to earth and experienced human life before he was crucified. Can you imagine how great the love He has for all of human kind that He WILLINGLY suffered a terrible death so that we all could spend eternity with Him? All He asks for is our heart ~ for us to love Him back. It saddens and hurts Him to know that you think He was the cause of your father's death. You have to understand that Satan is the cause of pain and suffering. His purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy our lives and Jesus is hear to undo all that Satan has done.

The beginning of the song says "Cold, cold watersurrounds me now and all I've got is your hand. Lord can you hear me now?" I truly believe that at times when we hurt the most, Jesus' hand is the only thing we can cling to. No one can understand our pain like Jesus can. I know it feels like there is only "cold water" and nothing else, but there will come a time when Jesus' love will come into your heart and slowly drive away the "cold water' until all you know is how much Jesus loves you. In that place He gives you the strength to go on and heals those broken places in your heart.

"oooo, I love you don't you know I love you and I always have Hallelujah will you come with me?" Jesus is pleading to you here. "I love you don't you know I love you and I always will." Then He asks you if you will come with Him ~ come with Him through the "cold water" to the other side which is filled with His love for you. A place where everything disappears ~ a place where all you know is His love. In this place you know that the world is a terrible place at times but you know that God's love is constant and unchanging, peace lives inside of you ~ His peace.

The song ends with "Am I lost with you?" Being lost with Jesus is the most wonderful place to be.

I encourage you to talk to Jesus. Tell Him what you are feeling ~ angry, hurt, sad, rejected, abondoned, betrayed, whatever. Yell, scream, cry, just get it out. He will answer you. He will prove Himself to you. He will show you how much He loves you. He will give you His peace.

I heard this song on the movie I Am David. I showed it to my class as part of a lesson. This is a fictional story, but I think David's experices are very much like your own. In the movie, David is sent to a labor camp at a very young age ~ his father was shot in front of him and his mother was taken away. He knows nothing good ~ his mistrusts everyone. He never smiles. He questions why his life is the way it is. In the end, David learns how to trust and love again.

I pray that you will come to know the love Jesus has for you. I appologize if this is long winded, but I was moved by the song and your post.

cold water | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/08

Waht an amazing huntingly beautiful song..and those lyrics! It just transports me. I heard the song in Iam David, and the film" Stay; there was one more film; i just cannot remember where else I saw it.

tears | Reviewer: fcpc | 8/29/08

i never watch the film "i am david" but the song still brings still to tears. 19 years ago my dad was killed in and car accident, as a teenager who was very close to my dad i was devastated. For a very long time i could not make sense of my feelings and turned to drink and drugs to numb the pain and distract myself from it all, eventually i got myself together and some years later heard canonball which made me but "o" when i heard cold water for the first time i burst into tears it was like this man knew what i had been through and was explaining it to me in this beautifully sad song.
"Cold, cold water surrounds me now
And all I've got is your hand
Lord, can you hear me now?
Lord, can you hear me now?
Lord, can you hear me now,
Or am I lost?
this verse sums up how i felt when i first heard the words "its your dad son, he's dead" (a moment which will never leave me)
"Cold, cold water surrounds me now" i was numb from what had happened.
"Lord, can you hear me now?" i was brought up as a catholic.. this was not supposed to happen...why had god taken my dad? he was a good man in a world full of bad men, this madde no sense.
"Or am I lost?" yeh i was lost... to religion, the only people to help me was the people around me and me! not any god. it took a terrible tragedy for me to realise that religion offers nothing to people and now that i have more life experience i realise it is a means to control and much worse. without religion there would just be good people doing good things and bad people doing bad things - no more trying to justify terrible acts in the name of religion or god! anyway many thanks to damien rice for a song that means so very much to me, i'm not sure the lyrics were meant to be interpreted like this but thanks anyway they helped me make sense of things.

who's daughter? | Reviewer: idrin | 1/26/08

"love one's daughter, allow me that.(please allow me to love someone's daughter)" and "no one's daughter allow me that, (which is wrong in grammer)", and "love one's daughter allow me that (allow me to do something)" each of the three has different meaning. can anyone tell me the actual meaning of the sentence?

the 'chant' at the end | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

Brilliant song. What everyone is misinterpreting as some kind of Gregorian chant at the end is actually the "Will you come with me" part from the chorus done backwards.

.... | Reviewer: megan taylor | 10/29/07

Another of my favourite tearjerkers on the album is Cold Water, a song that will have your ear hooked to the speakers, or whatever it is you listen to your music on, it captures and takes you away to a familiar place deep inside on the first moment the acoustic guitar is strummed until the very last bow on the cello, when finally you are brought back to earth, well at least until the next track I Remember kicks in anyway. It is one of the most compelling songs on the album with both Rice and Hannigan giving it their total attention and perseverience and the results are truely fantatic. It features Gregorian chanting which supplements both Rice and Hannigan perfectly, adding an extra narritive and opinion. It is a song for the confused, the people who are walking around not knowing where to turn or who to turn to. Whatever traumatic experience inspired Rice to write this song, i would never wish on anybody to endure, there is nobody else quite like Damien Rice who can put across the emotion and feelings like he does, he is truely unique in his musical style.

Review Proper | Reviewer: Jason Boune | 8/16/07

In an interview with RTE television (the Irish national broadcaster), Damien claimed the inspiration for the song came from a memory of when he was a child and his mother bathing him in an icy cold water bath, they had just had a new bathroom fitted and because they couldn't afford a plumber had to install everything themselves. Damiem's dad accidentally reversed the hot and cold water taps and it haunts them both to this day. A truely haunting and deeply moving story.

is Damien member of buddhism? | Reviewer: Eric Choi | 5/10/07

I have a Damien rich's live album in San Francisco, 2005. The track number 16, title is “cold water”. I can hear the echo voices from the song "Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo" many times. It comes out very end of song. (Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is a word that shows belief of Buddhism.) I was very afraid when I realized that he puts that word in his song. lord must be Buddha as a lyric. After cold water, he sang Hallelujah in live concert. I really want to know that is he really a Buddhist?

the song moves me in every way... | Reviewer: Renee | 4/26/07

This song moves me in every way. Yes, like many others, I was aware of it's beauty and was moved for the first moment when I saw the movie I Am David.
Powerful movie.
When this boy ran into his mother's arms..I tell you...

Anyway...this song has been distrubuted to all my family and friends, in preparation for my passing. Yup, I'm an organized person and have planned a song for that day, when people who know me, gather around...

Let it move you...