Cold War Kids Albums

  • Mine Is Yours Album (1/25/2011)
    Mine Is Yours
    Louder Than Ever
    Royal Blue
    Finally Begin
    Out Of The Wilderness
    Skip The Charades
    Sensitive Kid
    Broken Open
    Cold Toes On The Cold Floor
    Flying Upside Down

  • Behave Yourself Album (12/21/2009)
    Coffee Spoon
    Santa Ana Winds
    Sermon Vs The Gospel

  • Loyalty To Loyalty Album (9/23/2008)
    Against Privacy
    Mexican Dogs
    Every Valley Is Not A Lake
    Something Is Not Right With Me
    Welcome To The Occupation
    Golden Gate Jumpers
    Avalanche In B
    I've Seen Enough
    Every Man I Fall For
    Dreams Old Men Dream
    On The Night My Love Broke Through

  • Robbers And Cowards Album (10/10/2006)
    We Used To Vacation
    Hang Me Up To Dry
    Tell Me In The Morning
    Hair Down
    Passing The Hat
    Saint John
    Hospital Beds
    Red Wine, Success!
    God, Make Up Your Mind

  • Mulberry Street Album (6/15/2005)

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