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Indigo Girls Cold Beer and Remote Control Lyrics

Last updated: 09/28/2006 12:00:00 PM

Words and Music: Emily Saliers

All of my days have been misspent
Stuffing out the sofa and the antenna's bent
Inside my heart's bursting out at the seams
I work for the impossible American dream

I got a job at the grocery store
Few bucks an hour not much more
The world comes in just to take things away
Eat it all up then they sleep until day

I try not to care I might lose my mind
Running round the same thing time after time
Only two things bound to soothe my soul
Cold beer and remote control

Once upon a time I was nobody's fool
Two jobs and showing up for school
I guess it comes apart so little by little
You don't know you're there until you're stuck in the middle


Sit down
The room is dark
The blurry grafitti on the benches
Across at the public park

The plastic splatter (the plastic splatter)
The haze is blue (the haze is blue)
All I want (want)
Is nothing to do (to do)

Cause it's a long walk to the bus stop
It's a long wait for the turning clock
A too tired car sitting up on the blocks
And things I put aside like that pile of rocks


Emily: Chorus Amy: Repeat first verse
Cold beer and remote control (I guess it comes apart so little by little)