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A brief history of cog to date

Hailing from Bondi, Sydney, Australia cog consists of
members Flynn Gower (lead guitar, lead vocals), Lucius
Borich (drums, samples, backing vocals) and Luke Gower
(bass guitar and backing vocals), who have been a band
since 1998.

Organic in the sense that cog play their instruments, some
people would say cog's music resembles some sort of
progressive rock that flows effortlessly from thick slabs
of distorted guitars, twisting rhythms through to vast
playgrounds of ambient organospace and back again. More...

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Review about Cog songs
Genisis in Revolt | Reviewer: David Jack Petrie
    ------ About the song Bondi performed by Cog

"We're an independant band, we've always been an
independant band".... And the opening track on
the 'Just Visiting' EP is probably Cogs greatest
example of this. No other band sounds like this
Easily my favourite band of all time, with a god like voice he
of destruction and injustice while a thunderstorm
(that you could also call a 'rythim section') plays with
ominous power. Unique like a unicorn, independant
as it gets.... Five stars

Amazing. | Reviewer: Mic
    ------ About the song Run performed by Cog

I listened to this song, I felt this song, i heard this song. Reminds me of all of us.. As we've all done this, but hearing it musically really does make this song sound so good. In 20 years time this song would still sound good and lyrics still very fresh.

Indescribable | Reviewer: Tristicus
    ------ About the song Naming The Elephant performed by Cog

It's really hard to word how The New Normal makes me feel (Sharing Space also), but Naming the Elephant is quite possibly the most beautiful, thought inspiring song this triplet has ever produced. If you're new to Cog and looking for lyrics to Bird of Feather (Thats right, I know what you're thinking), DONT OVERLOOK THIS ALBUM!!!

If this interests you... | Reviewer: Rochelle
    ------ About the song Run performed by Cog

I just heard this song for the first time today and I totally thought it was a local Canadian band I listen to all of the time. If you're interested, there name is, The Cranston Foundation. Their style and sound is almost identical to that of Cog. Oh, and Cog's song is great too!

hi | Reviewer: kat
    ------ About the song The Spine performed by Cog

this is a great song lol i love it i think it is very spontaneous and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE COG!!!! | Reviewer: cortybee
    ------ About the song Run performed by Cog

i love cog! they r such an awesome band, and their songs r always great, if u dont no them or their songs, i definetly recommend them

Gotta Run is a Gun !!! | Reviewer: Davo
    ------ About the song Run performed by Cog

The emotion of this song comes thru the lyrics & gutsy instrumentation. A hardrockin torn between the heart & the head song, I really love it !!

Brilliant. | Reviewer: Katy
    ------ About the song Run performed by Cog

I absolutely love this song. It really is a mix of alot of different styles including rock and punk. I think, in particular, the "I... I want you" is orgasmic and really makes the song. Definately one of those where you hear it first time and love it. 5/5.

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