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1968, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Although frequently classed as
either a black rock artist or a neo-soul singer, the music
of the free-spirited Cody Chesnutt (usually written
ChesnuTT) is not easy to categorise or pin down. ChesnuTT
grew up in Atlanta but left for Los Angeles in the mid-90s,
leaving behind a burgeoning urban scene to attempt to forge
a new musical direction unrestricted by black stereotypes.
He began performing as a guitarist with the ‘rhythm and
rock’ band Crosswalk, who began to make an impact on the
west coast scene with their spirited fusion of soul, funk,
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Song lyrics are off... | Reviewer: GBrown44
    ------ About the song That's Still Mama performed by Cody ChesnuTT

There is an art to listening, the words are there to be heard but it requires applying a little logic to what you "think" you here... I'm just running across this song and in search of the lyrics I found yours... In listening though I find you off in more than a few places... Here is the first part of the song:
Church boy, school boy, dope boy
Loaded down with attitude for like 20 pairs of shoes
Who ya gonna call now when the lawyer call your name?
And when you're standing in front of the State lookin all ashamed
(your mama)
Church boy, school boy, dope boy
Got a backpack full of time and you don’t know why
Why you don’t even respect uncles now
And the ladies that sacrifice to birth ya

No matter how you feel your blood’s on sill
You can’t just treat her anyway
Law say's "here's the deal, that’s still your mama
That’s still mama
And let your recognition show
That’s still mama"

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