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Codename: Rocky Biography

Last updated: 12/31/2003 02:01:31 AM

CodeName: Rocky is a band based out of Los Angeles and Orange County California. The band started out as a side-project that basically got out of hand. CodeName: Rocky primarily consists of band members from other bands out of Orange County. The band has gone through some line-up changes but as of last year, the band's line-up has solidified to seven band members: Dan on vocals/guitar, Bill on trumpet, Rich on trumpet, Mikey on bass trombone, Ivan tenor sax, Andrew on the drums, and Matt on bass guitar. We finally released a full length CD titled "No Time To Waste" on Microcosm Records last July. The band is currently playing shows, and planning a tour, as well as writing new material. CodeName: Rocky's main goal is to write good music and have a good time at the shows. By the way, if you were wondering how the band got the name, well the story goes like this: "We needed a name, and thought that race-horses have relatively unique names. So Rich got a newspaper, and we looked at the horse racing section and saw the name Code Name Rocky, and we thought it was kind of ridiculous and so we stuck with it." So that pretty much sums up the history of CodeName: Rocky the band. See you at the shows!