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You don't have to love the Cocteau Twins in order to
appreciate their contribution to and impact on independent
music over the last 14 years, but it helps. Many a
journalist and more than a few more famous personalities
(Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Annie Lenox, Robert
Plant...) have expressed their exasperation over the
Cocteaus' unique and often overwhelming sounds. The volume
of Cocteau Twins-related traffic on the Internet alone is
testament to how profoundly effective their music has been.
Nevertheless, you'd be More...

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Review about Cocteau Twins songs
Correction? | Reviewer: Rae
    ------ About the song Heaven or Las Vegas performed by Cocteau Twins

As opposed to
"I'm dizzy so I'll go
I'll never really give up"

I think it is
"I'm dizzy so I'll go under the Big Dipper"

Referencing the ride and/or constellation.
But that is my interpretation, this is a tricky song. :)

Love this song | Reviewer: Andrew
    ------ About the song Half-gifts performed by Cocteau Twins

For years this song has haunted me. It is a rare song that combines honesty, sorrow, and at the same time belief in one self. One of the best songs on the planet. I too wish I could keep it for myself.

My favorite CT song (this month *smile*) | Reviewer: Matt Nastasi
    ------ About the song Treasure hiding performed by Cocteau Twins

"Treasure Hiding." What can I say? Delightfully subdued, swirling guitar, everslight lyrics wafting within and around the "seasick wall of sound," (to steal from Poppy Brite), "TH" builds to a climax that crashes wave after wave into my soul. I feel it in my gut, this song.

hmm... | Reviewer: ballroom
    ------ About the song Pandora performed by Cocteau Twins

i think its a great and nice and powerful and contemplative kind of music...i like it a lot...

Best gift | Reviewer: paolo rovida
    ------ About the song Half-gifts performed by Cocteau Twins

I love this song. It touches my heart and cradles my mind. A simple melody for great lyrics, very personal and very universal. It is sung like a confession. It takes courage to be so honest and it takes intelligence to be so real. You can feel the soul behind the voice. I adore this song and I would like to keep it for me only.

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