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…in a bathroom in Paris we found ourselves. Steamed up
windows, infinite rainy days, the kettle’s constant hiss
and the weary moan of a dying ambulance summoned songs from
another time…

We had split apart as sisters, abandoned one another and
led completely different lives, gathering contrasting
influences and tools that were unknowingly building towards
the birth of CocoRosie.

Sierra began her exploration of singing with gospel and
spirituals, and continued her devotion studying as an opera
singer starting in high school. She More...

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Reviews about Cocorosie songs

you blew through me like bullet holes... | Reviewer: Megan Kindsfather
    ------ About the song Werewolf performed by Cocorosie

left stains on my sheets and stains on my soul. Austinnn should listen to the song completely sober, and let it speak. Cocorosie is so true and beautiful, they have the ability to elevate one to a higher state of mind. I'm sure we all have things that haunt our soul, but how they so clearly place this for me, I'll never understand. I feel like this song shows true genius, there are very few song writers who are this talented.

So Fucking Sick | Reviewer: Austinnn
    ------ About the song Werewolf performed by Cocorosie

This song is so sick. Crazy and spooky at the same time. I can't even tell what the songs about but i seem to just got lost in the lyrics especially with the slow piano beat in the back. Sickk song when your rollin or stoned. ha

Soothing, and entrancing. | Reviewer: Britt R.
    ------ About the song The Sea Is Calm performed by Cocorosie

I like this song alot because although it's lyrics are very strange in a way, it's very soothing...makes you feel like you're floating in a placid ocean, feeling nothing but calm...Yes. It's amazing.

awwww | Reviewer: Anna!
    ------ About the song Madonna performed by Cocorosie

i love this song so much,cocorosie are such a good group she has a AMAZING voice! im not sure where they come from but i love them to bits xxxx

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