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Toxic Narcotic Cockroach Lyrics

Last updated: 04/17/2007 12:00:00 PM

theres never been a time when the world was at peace
ten thousand yrs of bloodshed and gross atrocities
a legacy of suffering, a legacy of pain
a legacy of warefare thats never going to change
if u dont believe me check ur history
every kingdom, culture and ruling dynasty
it brought them to their power
then brought them to their knees
a never ending cycle of murder rape and greed
we can hope for change but its never going to stop
as u listen to this song more bombs are being dropped
its a horrible view of what we have in store
prepare urself people for another world war

we dont stand a fuckin chance
the power of these weapons enhanced
incinerated turned to dust
technology has given us
this is the future we face
no ones going to win this race
leaders u cannot trust
this is what theyve given us
no way out!

a horrid view of what we have in store
prepare urself for third world war
theres one good thing thats for sure
there will be no fourth world war
the human race will be no more
u kno we had it coming!
the human race will be no more

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