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Well I been watchin'
while you been coughin
I've been drinking life
while you've been nauseous
and so I drink to health
while you kill yourself
and I got just one thing
that I can offer

Go on and save yourself
and take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
and take it out on me yeaaaah!

well I'm not a martyr
I'm not a prophet
and I won't preach to you
but here's a caution
you better understand
that I won't hold your hand
but if it helps you mend
then I won't stop it

Go on and save yourself
and take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
and take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
and take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
and take it out on me yeaaaaah!

drown if you want
and I'll see you in the bottom
where you crawl
on my skin
and put the blame on me
so you don't feel a thing

Go on and save yourself
and take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
and take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
and take it out on me
Go on and save yourself
and take it out on me yeaaaahh!!!!

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Boston Bruins | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/11

The Boston Bruins adopted this song in the 2010-11 playoffs, incredible to hear it blasting pre-game at the arena. I have no idea what the connection is to the playoff run, this song is off a 2003 album...

Take it out on me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/11

I interpret this song as...there's that person that you have always done for them what they need, always looked over them...and then you just get tired of cant stand that they drain you and abuse your care...but you wont stop you kind of adopt this ironically sarcastic tone...but you still act as the crutch

I don't think this is religious, but.... | Reviewer: KP | 12/4/10

I don't think this song is religious at all, but there's no need to insult and attack the people who do. It's their opinion; yours is different. Just leave it at that.

Anyway, I never heard this song until today. I'm not sure what the lyrics mean. It's interesting.

speculations | Reviewer: amanda | 8/12/10

i feel that audioslave is in fact a somewhat believing band. they may not be christian or religious they just sing about what they believe. and if it doesnt touch you that way there's no need to flip out and say theres no god it just wasnt meant to be heard that way for some people but from the minute they came out with like a stone i felt there were some beliefs connected. goin to church doesnt mke you any more christian than being in an auto garage makes you a car. im just saying that i am sensing that chris cornell is trying to paint a larger picture for certain people to see. that is not to say his music wasnt intended for everyone to understand and make their own opinion of.

reply to cathlic and religian?? | Reviewer: not here | 6/4/10

i love this song audioslave is one of the many bands that inspierd me to write music they are legandary
this song is not about god or his pathetic sins there is no god the voice you here is your own stop saying he will send you to heaven can't you see that the bible is man made you people are so stupid athiests rule the world

Religion?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/10

"Actually I think the song was refering to jesus as in he died for your sins. I dont think the song was to be thought of as to have a negitive conentation but a positive one."

Why do religious nuts have to drive their sticky tendrils into every single thing? There is NOT ONE religious remark or word in this entire song.

Quit trying to take over the world with your retarded beliefs,(based on nothing but a fictional book some crazy dude wrote when he was doing LSD on top of a mountain and heard a "voice" speaking to him, then people kept adding their own fictional stories until ignorant people read it later and believed they were true), and leave the world alone from your stupid, pathetic, beliefs.

the beauty of music... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/10

...and other art, for that matter, is that one can make his or her own interpretation of the meaning, according to what it stirs up inside. The artist may have a certain intent, but I don't feel there is ever a "right" or "wrong" way to interpret any kind of art. Peace :)

Co-Cheese | Reviewer: luck | 4/17/09

Pronounced co-cheese. To give a little more perspective in addition to the rest of these posts, Cochise was Geronimo's chief. Cochise, in order to save what was left of his people, entered into a treaty with the US Govt 1871 to be moved to the reservation in 1872. I don't think that Cochise wanted to surrender, but he probably realized that his way of life was over and that his people alive at that time would not see grandchildren (i.e. they would always be hunted). P. S. The US Govt screwed Cochise post death in 1876 by terminating the established reservation of 1872. I think one must discuss Geronimo with Cochise so here it is . Geronimo surrendered 15 years after Cochise did. If there is one Apache that people know it is Geronimo. So to put it into perspective, Cochise seen as a great Apache leader by the Apache people and Cochise was certainly admired in the same way by Geronimo. So, think of Cochise in the context of as "one of the greatest Apache leaders" when listening to the song.

I think the song is about the self-destructive rampant alcoholism that occurs on the reservation. I think it is also about telling the Apache (and others for that matter) to take self-accountability and don't blame others for their problems. If Cochise were alive to speak today he might chastise those that have gone so far astray from living as he did "I've been drinking life" and not "while you've been nauseous" drinking booze on the rez.

Cochise | Reviewer: Jake Jarrett | 11/8/08

Well.. In the song Show Me How to Live, he says "Nail in my hand, from my creator" Lots of Audioslaves lyrics are in reference to the Christian religion and their god, however that doesn't make their music Christian/Catholic music in anyway. Or the members of the band for that matter, their lyrics could very possibly all be metaphorical. Regardless, Audioslaves music is amazing, and the lyrics to their songs are deep and meaningful and to be interpreted however you wish. Besides in my opinion Christianity is completely irrelevant to this song as it was about an indian chief named Cochise. Not about religion. But I'll just agree to disagree with some of the previous posts, and leave it at that.

reply to catholic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/08

It obviously isn't inspired by jesus, when he speaks after writing song about the indian chief cochise... Or was cochise a catholic too? You twat!

Amazing song, and I get where people are coming from with the 'helping addicts' part, that makes a lot of sense.

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