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Baby Beverly Hills Hotel 4am
Its my birthday
I wanna stay up
I wanna have fun
I dont wanna be the only one no way
Movie stars models and blondes and cocaine
New York LA its all the same
The angels look the other way
Cause they can understand my pain

Cocaine back up in a big way
Cocaine comin out the closets
Cocaine Im standin in an alley
With my hands behind me
The club just aint the same without the cocaine

Ooh downtown upstairs get down
Midnight high art underground
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Hip hop blue jeans its all around
I wanna stay up ooh
Everybodys watchin but no one talks about it
Right now theres only one name u cant call it
She said sex just aint the same without it Its cocaine
Cocaine back up in a big way
Cocaine comin out the closets
Cocaine Im standin in an alley
With my hands behind me
The club just aint the same without the cocaine

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cocaine review | Reviewer: daylight | 10/21/10

This song always makes me awake and productive! I use it for work, in the office, or while cleaning my house, or anything that requires me to work on my To Do list. And I swear always get pumped. It's the rhythm that I liked and I was surprised that it has these lyrics. Maybe it was written with this exact purpose in mind - to make you addicted to work on your goal (or something to that effect).

"cocaine" | Reviewer: Robin | 5/12/09

"Cocaine" is about a feeling, it's about a time, a scene, about the appeal of when people you think are cool are doing something. It's about what you think is cool and do you want to feel left out of something, do you want to be the only one that's not doing it, peer pressure situations. When I wrote that song... I had some old friends that were doing it, I had made some new friends that were doing it, and I was traveling from New York to L.A., and it seemed like it was everywhere and I felt like nobody was talking about it. Everyone was acting like it's done and it doesn't exist and yet it was in every bathroom at every party, it was all over the place. And how cool is that?

Breach of trust 2 | Reviewer: Bruce | 4/29/09

Families and friends who keep on trying to fix the addict go crazy themselves. They try and try, they are called codependents, as the quality of their life’s are defined by the decisions of their qualifier, the addict. They continue to try to fix him, because they love him, expecting different results. That is crazy.
I personally love the addict, and the alcoholic seeing them as the underdog. If and when they find recovery they are the winning champions over true evil.
I encourage Robin Thicke and every other person lucky enough to be in a position of possibly influencing others, especially the young, to visit open AA, NA, and ALANON meetings then decide how to conduct their future influence.

Breach of trust 1 | Reviewer: Bruce | 4/29/09

Robin Thicke and other people fortunate enough to make a very nice living singing could use their fortunate position of influence making the world a better place rather than condoning and romanticizing cocaine. So many people have had their lives devastated by joining the culture of recreational cocaine.
10% of the people who try cocaine are hooked and start down a path of total kayos. Often they spiral down losing their jobs, family, home, friends, health, and future. When they find that they cannot afford coke they will often attempt to replace it with methamphetamine accelerating the kayos.
Often people never having even small brushes with the law end up being regular customers of the local police and emergency medical services. Jails and prisons are full of not just criminals, but regular guys turned junkie conducting bad behavior.
The public scorns the once good guy as he appears in their tranquil life that they have worked and are still working so hard to achieve.
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Cocaine Rush! | Reviewer: Ellis | 6/22/07

The song is amazin i mean the club reeli ent da same wifout da Cocaine! it makes me feel lyk im in a chill zone!

song title explains it all.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/07

basically this song makes me wanna rack up a nice line, and while on it i can listen to it over & over again.

cocaine passion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07

When I first listened to the song all I could hear was the music; after seeing the words I was amazed. I could see myself sitting in a jazz club, in a room with black lights, dressed in all white drinking rum and coke swaying to the music playing around me and waiting for the waiter to tell me the man at the bar just bought me a drink, and to meet him in the next room. Then disappearing in to a funfilled night where anything goes.

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