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Nirvana Cocaine Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 07/24/2012 11:00:00 AM

Looking for a new kind of lover
Not a girl made of rubber
Someone who can make me feel how I wanna feel
And tell me all the things that I wanna hear
And make me lose control
And make me go insane
I want a girl that does cocaine

Cocaine, cocaine

Screwed up is how she needs to be
With no clue of reality
I just want you to make me feel how I wanna feel
And tell me all the things that I wanna hear
And make me lose control
And make me go insane
I want a girl that does cocaine


And now I'm washed up,
I've had my fun...
and I feel like the mud

It's that girl who can make me feel how I wanna feel
And tell me all the things that I wanna hear
And make me lose control
And make me go insane
You're that girl who does cocaine

She left me for a snowman named bob

Thanks to lauren for submitting Cocaine Girl Lyrics.

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Wooooooooooow | Reviewer: Eeeeeeeefffffy | 7/23/12

yeah wow, but this is not Nirvana, the group who's performing this song is named as STAGE FRIGHT, they wrote Nirvana on youtube just for more viewers.
Anyway, that's fuckin' amazing.

Hahaha! | Reviewer: Haileeee! | 12/26/08

Fer realll!! Who careeesss!! It's a hellla great song. I limewired Nirvana and got this shit so Im happy. haha. This, in my opinion, Sounds like Kurt WROTE it, I mean look at the lyrics... but the voice singing DOES sound different. Still, It's a great and funny song... so get over it and enjoy the gift of music!

She left me for a snowman named Bob.

Peace, love, Empathy!

Damn... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/08

Same happens if you download Roots bloody roots from Sepultura "with Luciano Pavaroti", still any idiot knows Pavaroti has nothing to do with that band... but if it says so on the name then it's true?

There are many songs to be downloaded that have names of band of which they aren't, this song is original from Nirvana (the U.K. band) and Stage Fright, it does not appear in any official discography of Nirvana nor bootlegs, they never performed it live and all this can be found in Nirvana's web site, please =) be informed before doing moronic posts

The Truth | Reviewer: Anon. | 1/18/08

This by the 1960s UK Nirvana band, who had the band name first. See the link if you don't believe me-
You lot really are idiots thinking that it even sounds anything like 90s Nirvana.
And by the way, Stage Fright covered the song at a later date, it was not written by them.

The Truth | Reviewer: Anon. | 1/18/08

This song is by Nirvana, but not 90s Nirvana. There was another band called Nirvana in the 60s who had the name first (see this link if you want proof-
It doesn't even sound like 90s Nirvana for God's sake!

ehhh, | Reviewer: Chelsea. | 1/2/08

This is not NIRVANA but it is kurt, he made it when he was younger so his voice was a little diff. AND for who ever said that some other band made this song and put it under NIRVANAs name should diiie!! we all know Courtney would have had their heads for doing something like that!! So yea, its Kurt, but not with the band, I think dylan or someone else is playing guitar, but if you pay attention, the lyrics are very kurtlike :]


Ha ahhhhh! ha! ha! ha! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/07

"Brothers & sisters Come on now, why are we fighting, why are we fighting, who wants to fight!?" ("Keith! Keeith! Cool it a minute & I'll try & stop it!"...Mick Jagger tries to quell violence erupting Amongst the crowd at Altamont Speedway, SF 1969...Which reminds me of you lot squabbling over Nirvanas' music. Tee Hee!

cocaine | Reviewer: mathew | 12/2/07

this is not realy ought to be ashamed of yourself. you call yourself nirvana fans. i am not a big fan of them but at least i now that this is a group called stage fright. they just used the name for better coverage. shame on you

WTF!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/07

okay - so this song is all over the internet as Nirvana - buthtats not kurt singing - it mite be him on guitar he was pretty fuckin good after all, itsa good song i like it - but thisis not kurt singin deffo not man no fuckin way!

This is Kurt!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

Hey folks, this sounds like Kurt, stupid who doesn't think so... It's Hole feat. Kurt. However I'm a fan of Nrvana, I like that shit.... :-)

stupid | Reviewer: Michelle | 6/9/07

Not Nirvana, I've never thought this song was by them. Even if Hole was performing with Nirvana, Courtney doesn't even sound like that.

YOU DONT KNOW | Reviewer: Lucy | 6/2/07

listen this might be nirvana you dont know! i totaly agree that it dosnt sound like most of their stuff but kurdt has had a history of doing weird stuff with his voice. so dont be so shure its not him! cause there is a strong posibility that it is!

cocaine girl | Reviewer: | 6/2/07

i think this song is kurt with hole. when i downloaded it it came up as hole featuring nirvana.

-.- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

Yea, So When Did Kurt Go Unic? Who Ever Put This As Nirvana Should Crawl Into A Hole Of Their Feces And Die A Horrible ANtagonizing Death.

Nirvana <3 | Reviewer: lauren | 3/6/07

this song is DEFINATELY not nirvana, unless Kurt had a sex change. AND the guitaring sounds nothing like what kurt played. it sounds a lot liek Hole though, so some ass whipe may have got the courtney love, kurt cobain thing mixed up