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Lawnmower Deth Cobwoman Of Deth Meets Mr. Smellymop Lyrics

Last updated: 03/22/2003 05:15:12 AM

Cobwoman of substance
Bring me a cheese scone,
Filled with yummy entrails,
Let me dvour your ice cream buns.
Peroy Thrower hamburgers dear,
Pork pies filled with Roy Kinnear,
Annie Lenox little baby,
Covered with orions with lots of gravy.
Mega-fast with clinically insane inane remblings
[Ad lib]</i>,
Cobwoman of Deth meets
Mr. Smellymop
With this cheese cob I'll save the nation,
Save my tummy from starvation.
Do you wanna thrash?
Cobwoman of Deth meets
Mr. Smellymop