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In our media-dominated world, the average television viewer
is bombarded by more than 60 jolts of brainwave-disrupting
images per minute. At the other end of that twisted
spectrum is the force known as Clutch, pulling back the
reins, demanding an alteration of perspective and
legitimate digestion of life.

To that end, the new year represents a new beginning as the
band - Neil Fallon (vocals), Tim Sult (guitar), Dan Maines
(bass), Jean Paul Gaster (drums) - returns to Atlantic
Records with "PURE ROCK FURY." Inspired in part by the More...

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Submit Clutch New Lyrics

Review about Clutch songs
wrong lyrics | Reviewer: ian
    ------ About the song The Wolf Man Kindly Requests... performed by Clutch

Every site i've seen for these lyrics have been inaccurate I'm pretty sure. Not positive, but close. Where it says "I sense my fire?" "drop me again", he's actually saying "I set small fire, drive big game. I think you know what I'm talking about". Seems pretty clear to me. I could be wrong, but it definitely sounds like it and makes a lot more sense.

Perfect, just perfect | Reviewer: Pete
    ------ About the song The Regulator performed by Clutch

Stunning song. It HAS to be the most perfect Harley riding song ever created (at least that's how I view it). Cruising across the open road with a bunch of buddies with this shit just cranked up. Love this band so much.

This album rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Eulogy For A Ghost performed by Clutch

I love Clutch and this album Blast Tyrant. This was the first album I have ever listened to. Clutch is an asowm band. I don't get why people hate Clutch. All my friends say that I am to obessed with them. I also say that Neil Fallon is hot.

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Kelson
    ------ About the song Never Be Moved performed by Clutch

Like most of the other songs from Robot Hive/Exodus, Never Be Moved is a very nice, bluesy song with a lot of great riffs in it - the strange, often verbose lyrics are a nice mix of both metaphorical allusions to previous events, and what, to me, seems like an eager anticipation for the future.

As usual, it's a fresh sound for Clutch, somewhat similar to their album "From Beale Street to Oblivion," and it's one that I, and a lot of their other fans, would probably like to hear a lot more of.

My Beards been burning a long long time | Reviewer: Black Sheep
    ------ About the song Burning Beard performed by Clutch

Honestly what's the difference between big business and the judao-christian organizations. It's all about controlling the people. I've worked for both, and from interviews for positions to leadership in ministry they're both looking for one thing. Conformity

a work of genius | Reviewer: matt
    ------ About the song The Regulator performed by Clutch

i think the regulator by clutch is a great song. nice twangy countryish guitar line. and the lyrics sung.... they could be sung no better than they are. the voice and guitar and drums just go together flawlessly. this really sets clutch on the forefront of their genre. i say "their genre" because how can you even place clutch in a genre. many albums down the road and they keep me interested still.

contrast | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Burning Beard performed by Clutch

all songs can be left open to interpretation, be that as it may, I feel a contrast and comparison between judao-christian belief and exploitation along with that of big business and big government trying to become and sometimes succeeding in becoming deciding factor in freewill.

I agree...true artists | Reviewer: Mark Boyd
    ------ About the song Eulogy For A Ghost performed by Clutch

I agree with Austin Holm-McRae...Clutch is just an amazing band and have become my absolute favorites over the past 5 years.
Tremendous musicians who have fun with their craft and in Neil Fallon have a true visionary lyricist with just an unbelievable command of vocabulary and wordplay. Clutch's lyrics are always worth looking into and Ghost is no exception:)

moving......... | Reviewer: Austin Holm-McRae
    ------ About the song Eulogy For A Ghost performed by Clutch

This is just testament to the ammount of time that Clutch spends on their lyrics and actually contemplating the meaning of what exactly they are saying. Just an amazing song, lyrically, rhythmically, everything is just great. Clutch is absolutely one of the great bands of our time, just true artists.

Good Gawd!!! | Reviewer: Craig
    ------ About the song Electric Worry performed by Clutch

These guys rock the house. It's amazing that they aren't headlining all over this nation. They should get themselves a different manager/promoter because they are awesome!!!

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