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I should've left it at, how ya doin'
I should've left it at
I like your music too, and
I should've never called you back
When you pursued me
I should've never given you
My fucking N two way
I should've never listened
To your woeful stories
The ones I'm sure you
Told a thousand times before me
You should've never intimated
We were lovers
When you know very well
We never even touched each other

Who's gonna love you when
It all falls down, and
Who's gonna love you when
Your bankroll runs out
Who's gonna care when the novelty's over
When the star of the
Show isn't you anymore
Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
Fall down...
Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
Fall down

I gotta break it to ya delicately, dunny
Takin' my g5 twenty minutes wasn't nothin'
But I guess you wouldn't know
That's the way I roll
Consequently now your ego's fully
You don't want the world to know
That you're just a puppet show
And the little boy inside
Often sits at home alone
And cries, cries, cries, cries
(Boo hoo. Who?)

Who's gonna love you
When it all falls down, and
Who's gonna love you
When your bankroll runs out
(When your bankroll runs out)
Who's gonna care when the novelty's over
When the star of the
Show isn't you anymore
Nobody (Nobody)

Your pain is so deep rooted
What will your life become
Sure you hide it
But you're lost and lonesome
Still just a frail shook one

Who's gonna love you
When it all falls down, and
(Tell me who's gonna love you? Who? I'd like to know)
Who's gonna love you when
Your bankroll runs out
(If you didn't have nothing)
Who's gonna care when the novelty's over
(Who, who'd still be there)
When the star of the show isn't you anymore
(Nobody, nobody, nobody, oh)
Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
(There ain't nobody baby)
Fall down...
(Bullies in the schoolyard)
(When they fall they fall hard)
Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
(Yeah... so you)
Fall down
(Better think twice, better play nice)
('Cause who's gonna be there)

Who's gonna love you when it all falls down, and
(When the jokes on you)
Who's gonna love you when your bankroll runs out
(A marionette show)
Who's gonna care when the novelty's over
(Who's makin' you move though)
When the star of the show isn't you anymore
(I know what kills you slow)
Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
(I'm gonna keep your little)
Fall down
(Secret though, mmmm, hmmmm)
(And you know that I know)
Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
(You're no superhero)
Fall down...
(I guess your mamma never told you that what goes around comes around. Pow)

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People are clowns! | Reviewer: Mr.Lambo! | 6/23/12

"fucking n two way" and "taking my g5 twenty minutes wasnt nothing" ... A two way is a type of communication device, so I'm guessing she wish she didn't give him the number to it, .....and a G5 is her private jet, and because she owns it and rides in it around the world, spending 20min is not really a big deal!

And this is a great song, Mariah is the best singer in the world! Die haters!

What do these lyrics mean? | Reviewer: Annie | 4/14/12

Hey im from australia and dont know the american slang I love this song and just want to know what does she mean by "fucking n two way" and "taking my g5 twenty minutes wasnt nothing" please help thanks :)

Both are clowns - old - and mentally pathetic | Reviewer: Amber | 4/17/10

it takes only looney act to react another. what the hell happened to their careers? they're like so 10 years ago. mariah's career path is somewhere in zero and whore, while eminem's is like in flop and fag.

I used to respect them before, with the grammy's and sold out albums, but now they're so cheap, going in public with their childish trash! they're like 40 (well i know life begins at 40 but come on! they're not taylor swift and justin bieber!).

Agh! havent you noticed mariah's last two albums, all tanked? e=mc2, memoirs of an imperfect angel? while eminem's is like not selling as much as he used to. well thank goodness Billboard Decade artists and song went to them but what's left after that?

puhlease! obsessed and warning. trash trash trash.

this is the end of my admiration to these mentally ill acts. they need to grow up AGAIN! and probably seek a shrink

poor nick canon.

clownish players in general yall: | Reviewer: cherie | 11/14/09

this song is about loser guys in general.. they are the clowns. they play you and play you until u don't give a crap anymore and thats wut hurts them because eventually everyone gives up on them, cause they are never for real. and in the end they don't really have anybody because they pushed the only ones that really ever cared away.

Seriously? | Reviewer: Ashley | 10/22/09

This is the most lame song I have ever heard. She is trying too hard to keep up with the awesome shit that Eminem is coming up with. She sounds like a man, and I honestly don't know why Eminem was with her in the first place. The smartest decision he made in their whole relationship was ending things with that it.
I Care, Em, I care.

losers | Reviewer: whomever | 9/23/09

okie mariah is wack she needs to get a life eminem is better then her by a million & in one song crushes everything she has to say i honeslty hate her now & think she needs to get a life and worry about her 12 year old husband !

pathetic | Reviewer: sara | 9/3/09

this whole thing is pathetic! they both should grow up and get a life...they're like what hittin there 40's if not already in there and there acting like 12 year olds! like common guys eminem and mariah are roll models for a lot of ppl and look how they act! yeah real cool!! NOT!

the unspoken part | Reviewer: jessica | 8/12/09

Its funny everyone bags on emimen for being obsessed with her but no one mentions that every time he says anything she does too. She is just as obsessed with her as he is with her. It sounds to me like something major happened and they both still have emotional ties. Hence why nine years later there both still talking about each other? Remember when you were in elementary school and you always picked on the people you liked? Sounds like nick will eventually get dumped for him.

okay... | Reviewer: ericka | 8/18/09

okay so im sitting here and im reading the comments and im aslo was reading the lyrics as the song was playing....dont get me wrong i like both artist and i also like the songs but i mean if it is true that mahriah sleept with him just tell the truth and come out with it shes an adult...and if he really didnt sleep with her then he should come out with the truth as well because he aslo an adult...and if neither one of them do and they just keep talking about each other in there songs that just shows that there both pathetic...

Clown says it all... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/09 after "Superman", "Clown", "Obsessed" & lastly, "The Warning"...after all the beef & after all the untold secrets the public will never really know, I think that this song probably reflects the real aspects of any "relationship" that was/or wasn't (whichever [side!] you are on). These words should ring true for BOTH of them and everyone who feels pain in any relationship. I must say that when one listens to this song you can feel the pain she exposes about his life and yet at the same time it seems in a way she pities him. I wonder if she will ever "be the one who will be there" sometime in the future. Either way it's an excellent, true, and pure song.

In The Beginning there was Clown... | Reviewer: jae | 7/13/09

This is where the eminem beef began..its so funny tho..cuz she snaps on him n ways dat its still class but its harsh as hell wen u read the lyrics....both Obessed and Clown show case dat...n she sings good as hell on boths song

first time ever hearing abotu this song | Reviewer: kiki | 6/17/09

this song is funny. i wish she rapped it instead. she is just as obsessed with eminem as he is with her. i wanna know if they humped! haha mariah is nuts! who would want to be with her for real real? nick cannon cuz hes attracted to that im 40 and wanna be 20 thing?

Haha...what a joke | Reviewer: Haha | 6/12/09

Just read these for the first time...Mariah is delusional. This from the same woman who has a restraining order against her from Derek Jeter. Have you ever seen her MTV cribs? She is a one takes her seriously.

Lamb for Life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/09

HA! This is such a great song! i looove it!
This is what that delusional, OBSESSIVE, ugly freak Eminem gets! He really thinks people would believe that he could get Mariah? AS IF! And after nine yrs hes still talkin about her! Obsessed much :D
HAHA Mariah you're the best continue to make beautiful music.

surprising | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

i listened to this song loads of time and i like it a lot... it's only now that i;m looking at the lyrics and i didn;t know it was so harsh... but still Mariah is the best...

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