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George Harrison Cloud 9 Lyrics

Last updated: 08/04/2011 11:00:00 AM

Have my love
It fits you like a glove
Join my dream, tell me yes
Bail out should there be a mess
The pieces you don't need are mine

Take my time
I'll show you cloud nine
Take my smile and my heart
They were yours from the start
The pieces to omit are mine

Have my love
Use it while it does you good
Share my highs but the times
That it hurts pay no mind
The pieces you don't need are mine

I'll see you there on cloud nine

Take my hope
Maybe even share a joke
If there's good to be shown
You may make it all your own
And if you want to quit that's fine
While you're out looking for cloud nine

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How Coincident - Cloud 9 | Reviewer: NN | 8/2/11

There was once a time when I enjoyed and dug Beatles a lot; George was very special to me before I learnt to know his own solo years even. Yes, I was attracted by his spiritual world and the whole presence. Then I once had a little inspiration and write down Cloud 9 out of blue - could be a song or poem title, isn't it? Later on, I got to know that he actually has a song/album with the same title. It is only today that I listen to it. It is so what I feel and love. It is a universal manifestation I am sure [as an astrology fan, I know where we are in line:)]. To quote from an artical:

See you on Cloud 9 George.
Harrison firmly believed that "life on Earth is but a fleeting illusion edged between lives past and future beyond physical mortal reality." Speaking on reincarnation in 1968, he said: "You go on being reincarnated until you reach the actual Truth. Heaven and Hell are just a state of mind. We are all here to become Christ-like. The actual world is an illusion." [Hari Quotes, compiled by Aya & Lee] He also said: "The living thing that goes on, always has been, always will be. I am not really George, but I happen to be in this body."

See you on Cloud 9:)