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Closure Biography

Last updated: 06/25/2003 09:39:03 PM

What makes good Rock & Roll? While the music industry desperately tries to re-define what rock music should be, for Closure, the answer is simple: "We don't really give a shit" remarks singer/guitarist Brian Howes. In a world where what's "cool" comes and goes like Mariah Carey's mood swings, Closure doesn't even care to watch from the sidelines. Closure plays what they want and how they want on their own terms.
With an emphasis on substance rather than hype, Howes sees Closure as a band that "never feels pressured by trends, always trying to just write good songs that speak for themselves. As long as you have a good song with a soul, people will be into it."
Closure came together in Los Angeles in 2000 when drummer Robin Diaz and guitarist Axel Gimenez met and started jamming together. They hooked up with Howes through a mutual friend and immediately began recording demos along with Bassist Brian Jennings. It was during these sessions that the name Closure came to fruition. The name represents a feeling that all members of the band share -- that this group was a new beginning for them, and in a way, the new music was providing "closure" on past musical experiences.
On becoming friends and becoming bandmates, the members of Closure soon found out that they had more in common than just a love for music. Brian Howes, who was adopted by a Canadian family, had previously searched and found his birth parents in Los Angeles. Once reunited with his lost family, he invited Diaz over to his mother's house for dinner:
"Brian takes me along to his birth mom's house for dinner. Of course, she’s crying about the whole situation. I couldn't believe what was coming out of everyone's mouth. Later that night we went out to a bar with his brothers, one of them was flexing his muscles, running around, and harassing girls. At first I was totally embarrassed, but then I looked at Brian and we realized that we are cut from the same cloth. We both have a touch of insanity in our blood."
At a time when music fans are clamoring for substance and songs that read more like stories rather than cheesy tin-thick club thumpers, Closure's name truly fits the nature of its songs. At times purgative and at others bright and positive, Closure's self-titled debut album rides an emotional spectrum. Harder, aggressive tracks like "Whatever Made You", "You Are My Hatred" and "Look Out Below" assault with jackhammer precision and strength while sitting alongside more intimate, shimmering songs such as "Afterglow," "Fragile," "Lie To Me" and "Live Again." These memorable epithets – anti-love songs if you will – are the inverse to the suffering love-struck rock star, facing the grim terminality of relationships with anger and strength. Coming together as a whole, the album simply returns to the name of the band - Closure: digging to the center of a situation and fighting the way to culmination.
Well in advance of the release of the album Closure has had the opportunity to expose their music to thousands of fans on tours with Unwritten Law, Sevendust and 30 Seconds To Mars – bands as varied as the influences that shaped Closure.
"We've been influenced by many people, but we follow no one," says Howes. "What I hope we offer in the end is music that has something to say, and is accessible to all who are willing to listen".