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Close Your Eyes Biography

Last updated: 08/17/2011

Close Your Eyes formed when vocalist Shane Raymond met guitarist Brett Callaway while attending Hardin-Simmons University. Shane explains their first encounter, "We met in the cafeteria. Brett was wearing a Dillinger Escape Plan shirt and I was wearing an As I Lay Dying shirt, and we commented on each other's shirts. We started talking about music and realized that we had many of the same interests. " Soon afterward guitarist Andrew Rodriguez, drummer David Fidler, and bassist Sonny Vega entered the picture to create Close Your Eyes.

With a vast range of influences from pop punk to jazz to hardcore, the band set forth to write music that is compelling musically and inspirational lyrically, which is evident in tracks such as "Friends Are Friends Forever" and "Song for the Broken". Although some have categorized the band as Christian rock, that is something they don't intend to capitalize on. Shane confirms, "We don't hide our faith as Christians. It's very evident in the lyrics, but we don't push it on people. Many of the kids we play for have a negative, pre-conceived notion about Christianity. They see people who try to force it down their throats, and that's not what it's about. Christianity is about love and acceptance, and our desire is to show people that."