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In January 2002, Ivan and Vedran (at that time 2 members of
the brutal death/grind band Grobar) decided to start a new
band to fill up their spare time and for the love of brutal
musick. With no significant direction in mind they started
to rehearse and little by little the pieces started to fit.
Vedran (bass) and Ivan (guitar) didn’t have a drummer or a
singer at that time. Ivan started programming the drums and
the musick twisted into form. In the vein of Brutality
Reigns Supreme, Mortician and Gut songs were unleashed upon
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what??? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Frigid Fuck performed by Cliteater

oh my god...this is by FAR the most ridiculous, retarded, illeterate, effortless, thoughtless, stupidest song i have EVER heard...i hope to God this song did not become famous....dude...just stick to another, especially lyrically is so not your thing. you sound like a fuckin 13-14 year old eminem wanna be little shit in heat.

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