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Britain's answer to Elvis Presley, Richard (born Harry
Webb) dominated the pre-Beatles British pop scene in the
late '50s and early '60s. An accomplished singer with a
genuine feel for the music, Richard's artistic legacy is
nonetheless meager, as he was quickly steered toward a
middle-of-the-road pop direction. Several of his late '50s
recordings, however, were genuinely exciting Presley-esque
rockers -- especially his first hit, "Move It" (1958) --
and gave British teenagers their first taste of genuine
homegrown rock & roll More...

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Submit Cliff Richard New Lyrics

Review about Cliff Richard songs
I love it | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song Early In The Morning performed by Cliff Richard

This song has been running through my head lately. I love its optimism and simplicity. I like how it's very specific with details that generate that early morning feeling. And I like the way the guys sound when they sing it.

Millenium prayer by Cliff Richard | Reviewer: Irene
    ------ About the song Millenium Prayer performed by Cliff Richard

It's 14 years ago but the song is still heart lifting, beautiful and even more relevant today, what with all the food banks, people in debt and growing inequalities, we need The Lord to intervene in our country and all over the world.
Lord, hear our prayers and touch your world with mercy again.

Maudlin pish | Reviewer: R Williams
    ------ About the song Mistletoe And Wine performed by Cliff Richard

'Mistletoe and Wine' has to be one of the worst, if not THE worst, Christmas songs ever unleashed on an innocent unsuspecting public. Just wrong on every conceivable level. I've been struggling to find one redeeming feature of this interminably maudlin piece of cheerless shite and have failed miserably, other than the fact that it eventually reaches its inevitable mind numbing climax and fades out.
It's a badly written, badly rhymed car crash of a song that just doesn't go anywhere or say anything new, interesting or original. It plods on, with all the finesse of a dancing heifer, throwing out Christmas cliché after Christmas cliche until the cringe-making moment when a choirboy does a solo.

THE BEST SONG | Reviewer: alina
    ------ About the song Christmas Alphabet performed by Cliff Richard

Actually I didnt know this song today on 21/12/2012 we had a christmas party in my the school lodha world school and my teacher taught this song . My teacher had dis song n her mobile so wen she let us hear the song i just loved the song

oiche chun | Reviewer: james
    ------ About the song Saviour's Day performed by Cliff Richard

slinget nigth is oiche chun but why u write saviour day why u is it only u because it seems i have seen lotsn of slinget nigth and saviour day writen by other people is it ture that u wrote it or the other people and what is savouir days name in irish

evil | Reviewer: destroyer
    ------ About the song Summer Holiday performed by Cliff Richard

shut up and leave me alone i dont know why but this keeps on popping up on my laptop. i hate this song and hate this site it so rubbish just like the person who made this stupid website!!

I cannot give you my love | Reviewer: Diane Phildius writer/producer
    ------ About the song I cannot give you my love performed by Cliff Richard

It's a wonderful song and has a lot of meaning.

I leave in America and a stange thing happened I knew some of Cliff's music but I had no clue who he was. And back in the day I was raising twin
girls and listened to the Beatles or Elvis on the radio.

I wrote a screenplay, entitled, "Paths of Destiny" and I'm working on having the script produced, one of the characters is a rock star and when I watched Cliff and Sarah Brightman sing "All I ask of you". as he's starts walking towards her, i have that scene written in my story. Cliff's image I inmagined was my Rock star in my script. It was unbelieveable not realizing that the video was so many years ago until
I looked him up.

And ever since I got hooked on his music I have his audio life story, CD's and DVD'S I feel that I know him he brings me and the world happiness I feel he's one in a million.

Thank you

I plan to shoot in the states and the UK

kaiden your song | Reviewer: mummy
    ------ About the song When The Girl In Your Arms performed by Cliff Richard

Ilove this song sooo much..wheni was carrying my baby i could not stop humming this..drove me crazy trying to remember whosang it..when i found out the words fitted to my beautiful boyso well..i now sing it to him as he recognises it as his little tune for going to sleep..god bless him xxmummy

Lean on you | Reviewer: tongs
    ------ About the song Lean On You performed by Cliff Richard

I miss Radio 3 so much, this song reminds me of the 90's when I waz in high school. I miss all the former radio 3 DJ's , the likes of Simon Parkinson, Tsitsi Mawarire ,Eunice, Tonny D,james to name only a few

Truth within these lyrics! | Reviewer: Rochelle
    ------ About the song Some People performed by Cliff Richard

I love this song so much. Not only does this song make me sad, but it also makes me happy. "Some People" would tease, hurt & use me & they would enjoy it. But now that I'm much older & wiser, I'd say that their tease, hurt & use was all "Cosmetic" as they would do that to make themselves feel better within. On a much higher note, I have a loving, beautiful, caring & loyal gentleman in my life who I love very much. He's had people tease, hurt & use him as well. I can say that we are born for each other, we love to walk holding the other one's hand & we love to talk & we long for each other. We are engaged to be married & I am so happy that their is a song out there that can relate to a person/s. There are very few around, but when you do hear a song that touches you, that will always be with you for the rest of your life. Thankyou Cliff for the song!

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