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Unloco Clean Lyrics

Last updated: 02/25/2002 10:51:55 PM

use me as much as you can
cause you've never been
more than a friend
cause I try and push you away
and make myself clean
and forget you hurt me

I don't want to be
i don't need to be
I don't wanna be

Pressure the less that I feel
the more that I heal
and put back the peices
cause you keep taking my soul
keep letting it go
your setting me free

you keep bringing me down
keep my head above ground
the ground that I lay
cause I try myself everyday
you say its ok for bringing me pain


and when I step outside this place
all I feel is empty
and when I look into your face
all I see is emptiness


BRIDGE (x4):
I don't wanna be (clean!)
i don't need to be (clean!)

i don't wanna be
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