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Betty Wright Clean Up Woman Lyrics

Last updated: 01/23/2011 10:00:00 AM

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A Clean up woman is a woman who

gets all the love we girls leave behind.

The reason I know so much about her
is because she picked up a man of mine.

Tough and slick was my ruin cause,

I found out all I was doing was making it easy,

for the Clean up woman to get my man's love ah yeah

Just making it easy for the clean up woman

to get my baby's love ah hum, um hum.

I took this man's love and put it a shelf

and like a fool I thought I had him all to myself.

When ya needed love I was out having fun,

but I found out that all I had done

was made it easy for the clean woman

to get my man's love un huh,

yes that what I did I made it easy for the

Clean up woman to steal my baby's love oh yeah.

The Clean Up woman will wipe his blues away.

She'll give him plenty of lovin 24 hours a day.

The Clean up woman she'lll sweep him off his feet.

She's the one who'll take him in when you dump him in the street.

So take a tip you better get hip.

To the clean up woman cause she's tough

I mean she really cleans up

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