Clay Aiken Lyrics

Clay Aiken
(Clayton Holmes Aiken, November 30, 1978)
Bachelor's Degree in Special Education, UNC

Who can explain why a singer becomes a pop star? Sure,
talent and ambition contribute to the rise of many singing
sensations, but skill and drive alone do not guarantee a
berth at the top of the charts. Ultimately, it is an almost
inexplicable reaction between a singer and his or her
audience that creates a superstar career, sparking the kind
of fanatic devotion that propels a performer More...

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Review about Clay Aiken songs
Mary, did you know | Reviewer: Heavyhitter
    ------ About the song Mary Did You Know performed by Clay Aiken

This song was written by David Mullins a member of a Christian church I helped pastor. He was a very gifted worship leader for me in a bible study I started in Chino Ca. His artist name is David Jeremiah. The song was performed by Clay Aiken and also Kenny Rogers. You can find him in Glendora Ca.if you wish to have him come and play his guitar and sing.

Love | Reviewer: Amanda
    ------ About the song Lover All Alone performed by Clay Aiken

I really, really like this song. It makes me think of what happened with me and my now ex-bf. Even though it can get a bit depressing at first Clay's voice can make even the saddest song amazing.

Comment on the song Mary, did you know | Reviewer: OSITELU OLUTAYO
    ------ About the song Mary Did You Know performed by Clay Aiken

The first day i listen to this song from my elder sister's phone i love it so much. So i'm planning to rehearse it for this year christmas carol along with the other choristers.

chassie lynn gavin as starfire and nightstar from the teen titans and I am 18 year old and i love to write and sing song | Reviewer: chassie lynn gavin
    ------ About the song This is the Night performed by Clay Aiken

hey great job with this song i love it and i want to here more in the future and beside that you may want to check at the begain of the song where it say but I'm not gonna to wait a round when a moment can vanish so fast because you for got tick it in the song and is it okey if you can help me came up with a song for my bands

thank you from your biggest fans chassie lynn gavin

man of a dream(lyrics) | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Everything I Have performed by Clay Aiken

i dont know who is clay aiken,but his writting, evrything i have makes me curious about him.i appreciate his views abou ladies shown in his song. i really love the lyrics especially the second stanza, 'hope he could write more songs.

Perfection | Reviewer: Sylvia
    ------ About the song To Love Somebody performed by Clay Aiken

I believe that that performance was one of his best performances on Idol ever. And I also believe that Clay was the best person to come out of American Idol. He sang this song beautifully and I would love for him to have his own version of it. Amazing!

Measure of a Man | Reviewer: Jaybee
    ------ About the song Measure of a Man performed by Clay Aiken

His voice is great. Very good to hear. simple but deep. It's the kind of voice that gives breath to the hard soul. Great and amazing.. The song as well is very nice. The meaning is very profound. True as it was happening.

Somewhere out there | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Somewhere Out There performed by Clay Aiken

Somewhere out there someone's saying a prayer
That we'll find one another in that big somewhere out there

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there if love can see us through
Then we'll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true

IT IS A HOLY SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mary Did You Know performed by Clay Aiken

Dear Clay, I first hear your song when my daughter sent it to me via email. Everytime I hear it I become Mary Magdalene -I cry so much. I am an older woman and have asked the person who will sing at my funeral to only sing your song and another psalm. I don't need more! I am retired in a latinamrican country and will try to translate your song into spanish (if you don't mind) since she may want to sing it in spanish. I am a certified ATA translator, so please don't worry we will do honor to it. God bless you Clay Aiken.

Trinity | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mary Did You Know performed by Clay Aiken

Hello Clay Aiken I first heard this wonderful song while I was shopping in Cato's dress shop. This song had me moving my head from side to side and chiles came all over me from the words to this song. The radio station didn't give a name of who this song belongs to, so I came home and with my husband's help got on my computer and searched until I found your voice. I hope to sing it at my church for Christmas. I love Jesus and this song is about Jesus. Jesus Christ Always Dolores Trinity.

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