Classified Albums

  • Classified Album (1/22/2013)
    3 Foot Tall
    That's What I Do
    Inner Ninja
    Anything Goes
    I Only Say It Cause It's True
    Growing Pains
    Pay Day
    New School / Old School
    Look up (Signs)

  • Handshakes And Middle Fingers Album (3/22/2011)
    Intro: Ups And Downs
    That Ain't Classy
    High Maintenance
    Danger Bay
    Maybe It's Just Me
    Young Soul
    Run With Me
    The Day Doesn't Die
    They Don't Know
    Step It Up
    The Hangover

  • Self Explanatory Album (4/7/2009)
    Self Explanatory
    Get Out The Way
    Choose Your Own Adventure 1
    Up All Night
    Quit While You're Ahead
    Choose Your Own Adventure 2
    Anybody Listening
    They Call This (Hip Hop)
    Oh... Canada
    Choose Your Own Adventure 3
    Where Are You
    Used To Be
    Breaking Up
    One Track Mind
    Choose Your Own Adventure 4
    Things Are Looking Up
    Still Got It
    Choose Your Own Adventure 5
    Choose Your Own Adventure 6

  • Hitch Hikin' Music Album (9/19/2006)
    Intro (Here We Go)
    Find Out
    Put It All In Perspective
    Hard To Be Hip-Hop
    Beatin It
    Feelin Fine (Remix)
    Freezin In The Cold
    Hip Hop Star
    All About U
    Cheap Talk
    Cazual Drinking
    Fall From Paradise

  • Boy-Cott-In The Industry Album (3/8/2005)
  • Trial & Error Album (6/1/2003)
  • Union Dues Album (5/14/2001)
  • Unpredictable Album (7/7/2000)
  • Information Album (6/1/1997)

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