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She was a real royal lady, true patron of the arts
She said the best country singers die in the back of classic cars
So if I ever got too hungry for a suitcase or guitar
To think of them all alone in the dark
So I laid some nights beside her in a bed made for a queen
She said I kissed her different, that all the men her age were mean
Gave me anything I wanted, Oh the generosity
I took all that I could, it was free
Now the sky is a torn up denim and the clouds are just splattered paint
It's a room I'm renovating; it's a name I got to change
If I get out of California I'm going back to my home state
To tell them all that I made a mistake

And I keep looking for that blindfold faith
Lighting candles to a cynical saint
Who wants the last laugh at the fly trapped in the windowsill tape
You can go right out of your mind trying to escape
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From the panicked paradox of day to day
If you can't understand something then it's best to be afraid

The whole world it loves you if you are a chic chameleon
Intersecting circles she could hang with anyone
But when conducting business she would lie about where she's from
Saying, "Life is how it is not how it was"
I learned to listen felt like I was back at school
She'd talk forever about the phases of the moon
Saying, "Everything is a cycle, you've got to let it come to you
And when it does, you will know what to do"
Without even knowing I guess I took her advice
Painted her front door it seemed a suitable goodbye
It's not that often but I think of her sometimes
Just something quaint, a couple ships in the night

And they keep moving at a glacial pace
Turning circles in a memory maze
I made a new cast of the death mask that is gonna cover my face
I had to change the combination to the safe
Hide it all behind a wall let people wait
And never trust a heart that is so bent it can't break

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Classic | Reviewer: Jesse | 11/23/10

Classic Cars is clearly one of the best songs on Cassadaga, and my personal favorite. As Oberst progressed closer and closer to folk he sought advice from famed singer-songwriter Emmylou Harris, who's resume is one of the most impressive in modern music, for the album I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning (which was joint-released with Digital Ash in a Digital Urn). Harris also does backing vocals for We Are Nowhere and It's Now on that album. With her extensive background in country music, her being much older than Conor, and the guidance he sought from her (which artistically can be manipulated for entertainment purposes) I feel like the Emmylou Harris fits the criteria for the subject of this song perfectly. Whether or not there was a romantic relationship or not, personally, I feel like there's a strong case to be made that Harris was Oberst's muse for this song. As for the moral of the song... I think it has much less to do with the storyline and more to do with the few parts where Oberst sort of breaks off continues down a separate subject. I think there's some hidden frustration there with what was trying to be conveyed. And somehow the time he spent with the woman helped him realize and overcome these troubles and frustrations. But I don't think it's completely clear what made things clear for him. Maybe it was doing something random (like hooking up with an older lady for a while), maybe it was understanding the "bigger picture" thanks to getting to know a more experienced, wiser person, or possibly it broke him down to realize he had to do something, who knows... But that's my take on it.

my favorite song | Reviewer: brett shanks | 5/6/10

Classic Cars is one of my favorite bright eyes song right next to middleman and if the brakeman turns my way. i am a high school student and i hate country music, but my friends complain that i listen to that song classic cars. i agree that Connor dose add a lot of country feel to his music, but it doesn't matter when the song actually tells a story in the song with out actually telling a strait up story. he uses a lot of metaphors in his lyrics and i love to decode those little things. lyrics in the music that teenagers listen to now days are either dirty or plan. its either about sex, drugs, or tractors. thanks to bright eyes (or Connor and how he is a poetry genius), Radiohead, death cab for cutie, coldplay and much more, us music lovers can live. listen to Cassadaga, you will love it.

My Intrepretation of Classic Cars by Bright Eyes | Reviewer: BrodymanFSU | 4/29/10

In my best inrepretation this song at least at the superfical level discusses a relationship where a young man meets a woman who is intelligent but controling. There are obvious references to how the young man wants to be a country singer and this relates the passion of the artist versus practical occupation fulfillment. Clearly, this woman has deceived the world in who she is and the young man knows this but he intreprets this at first as something benefical, but by the end of the song he sees that he's been deceived. An example of this is if a con-man has a girlfriend who learns of their line of work and accepts them for who they are but as they learn more about the con-man they figure out how the con-man thinks and realizing how they intrepret things they feel lessened by the experience because they then become something more tangible and the questions of what the con-man really is using that person for come into play. Ultimately the protagonist of this song was told that he treated her so well but he had an ambition to leave - he was an artist, not to be marginalized by her big plans, including renovationing a house and painting a door - it was about that time to go and pursue his art. Great song - this album helped me realize a lot about life and for that I have a real affinity for anything Bright Eyes.


Amazing. | Reviewer: Marie. | 12/23/07

I absolutley love this song. And I'm shocked that no one else has commented on it because it is truely amazing. Maybe its just me; I know everyone gets something different out of the song. But I think it really shows how every person can have an impact in your life and those kinds of people will come and go, but you never forget them. But then at the same time its about how the world is so unaccepting and doesn't change. There's just so much in this song. Its one of my favorites, actually. You should listen to it, you'll love it.

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