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ity High is not another ordinary hip-hop/R & B group. They
are rather an explosion of diversely influenced cultures,
genders and music influences that pulsates youthful
hipness. City High is comprised of Robby Pardlo (20),
Claudette Ortiz (18), and Ryan Toby (20), all hailing from
the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border city of Willingboro
(NJ). With a pedigree that includes acting, production,
rapping, and songwriting-this trio delivers an eclectic
powerhouse album in their debut, City High on Booga
Basement/Interscope Records, that More...

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Submit City High New Lyrics

Review about City High songs
theres always a silver lining~ | Reviewer: Elle
    ------ About the song What Would You Do performed by City High

I was made homeless at 13, and although i did spend nights on the street, i was lucky enough to live with my auntie. That was until i was 14 and put into care - i snorted cocaine and popped ecstacy with my carers. i used to hang around trap houses at 14 with drug dealers and do an array if hard drugs; guys would come to the flat and pile me with drugs so they could do what they wanted with me. I used to get drunk with homeless people and watch my mates smoke crack whilst i smoked heroin. When i had no money and couldnt get drugs i would do cans and cans of lighter fluid, which a boy who i used to live with died from. I developed mental illness, a drug problem, got raped. Im 16 now, and Earlier this year i woke up; literally and spiritually. I felt disgusted in myself; i realised what i was doing to myself and was disgusted with my actions. i learnt the most important thing ive learnt so far - the quality of life, how valuable you are and that if anyone deserves love in this world, you owe it to yourself. I dont take drugs now after that day, and things in my life started to blossom: the relationship with my mum, myself, school. Everyone thought id either be in prison or dead but i proved them all wrong but mostly i proved it to myself. After that day i learnt that in this world, theres people up there watching your back - that sometimes you have to stand in the darkness to appreciate the light. That sometimes, it has to be shit - cos thats how you grow, get strong. Girls who have been through shit, lost babies, got raped, give yourself a pat on the back cos were the survivours! Fucking fighters, so strong. People have been shit to us and the only ones who have been there through it all, so we deserve to give ourselves the respect and care we deserve. Stay strong beauties, trust your story and learn the lessons life throws at you

Abuse is abuse | Reviewer: Hope
    ------ About the song What Would You Do performed by City High

to all the girls saying that there bf is hitting them and they don't know what to do or if it is abuse than you need to call the cops! abuse is not just physical!!!it's mental and emotional too! if they call you names accuse you of cheating beat you or hurt you in any way it is a bad relationship. keep in mind you will always have your fights and someone will say something they don't mean but if it is never ending or physical at all you need help to get away from him. even if they hit you on. accident think of how they could hurt the baby. please get help for yourself because nobody will treat you better than you treat yourselve.

Hope is out there!!! | Reviewer: Single-and-loving-it
    ------ About the song What Would You Do performed by City High

I have never been raped but I have been beaten by my blood father until I wasn't conscious. One thing I can tell all of the young girls out there is go to a safe house. If you are kicked out and pregnant they can help you! Don't be afraid to ask for help. They helped me when I was pregnant at 16 and my father kicked me out because he couldn't beat me while I was pregnant. That is exactly what he told me. The safe house kept me until I had a real job and saved enough to rent a place. They also gave me the courage to call the police in my father. Don't hesitate to call the cops. If I learned anything it's that I am going to treat my 3 month handsome man, Dylan, safe from harm and healthy. We are living happily and I am doing everything as a single mother. Hope is there. Look for help because it won't come to you unless you try.

Crazyness !! | Reviewer: OMGonEverything
    ------ About the song What Would You Do performed by City High

I love this song ! But kids who makin lies and jokin around with it is ruining it . But those of you who are for real , im sorry you 14-16 havin babys and cant even spell PREGNANT . Good luck to you guys and hope some day yall grow up !

true | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What Would You Do performed by City High

Well I'm 14 and pregnant me and my boy friend have been together 5 months:s and our relationship is really messed up he accuses me off. Of cheating and all sorts he also has anger problems and hits me all the time (I don't know if he means too) and now am scared to tell him that am pregnant because I'm going to keep it and I don't know what he will do?

been through the worse | Reviewer: rosie
    ------ About the song What Would You Do performed by City High

when i was 15 i got pregenat to this boy iv'e been going out with for a while i told him that i was pregenat he then turned around hugged me and said that we will get through this. But his mum doesn't believe in having sex untill your married and cause i got pregenat at 15 which is a young age, his mother is saying that he can not help me with this so i was left on my own for a long while. then he called me and asked if he can meet with me so i went to him. he told me that he loved me and he loved this baby, so despite what his mother said he stuck around with me.

Hang in there | Reviewer: rosie
    ------ About the song What Would You Do performed by City High

im sixteen, and im 7 months pregneat i got pregneat to my boyfriend who i have been with for 2and 1/2 years. At first when i told him he didnt want anything to do with this baby. but then he came to his sences, and wants to be apart of my babys life so were not together but he has moved on were not living together. he told me that he still loves me BUT! we cant be together because he has cheated on so many times. then at 8months i went into labour and gave birth to a handsome young man, later that night my baby died and then a couple of weeks later my babys father died from a broken heart ): so some people do have it better of than others

RIP Steven Borell & Samual Borell

RAPED | Reviewer: Johson
    ------ About the song What Would You Do performed by City High

but baby daddys here for you no matter!

Done | Reviewer: Johnson
    ------ About the song What Would You Do performed by City High

I've just turned 16 and 2 months ago my girlfriend gave birth to our wonderful, beatuiful daughther, during the pregency my girlfriend was in a lot of pain i didnt know what to do or how to help her. well she gave birth to hope then a couple of mintues later she said that she was feeling dizzy, then they rushed her to the hospital my girlfriend died a couple of hours later. my baby she was in atenstive care for a while but she pulled through :( Now im bringing up my lilttle girl on my own we live in a apparement just me & my daugther. At first I didnt know how to handle it, my girlfriend said that she wanted the name hope so we stuck with that then before she died, she said please take care of our daughter! didnt know how to react to that. so for the first week after we buried my girlfriend i took of for about 2 weeks then i came home and my girlfriends mum wasnt gonna give my baby to me, because she thought that I wasn't ready to deal with a newborn baby by my self. but she gave my baby to me anyway.. I would do any thing for my baby anything, and my girlfriend you were my first babe ilove you alot me and baby we will miss you so much babe :( :(

WTF??!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What Would You Do performed by City High

Some of you are messed up. Why would you get yourself into situations like that. And if that does happen, go to the Police!!
Some of the stories are really unbelievable, you shouldn't joke about things like that. And for the girl that got raped and now her little sister is being molested, you should do something about it, instead of sitting there and letting it happen and feeling bad for her. Go to the police, tell someone about it to help you guys out!!! What's wrong with you people!!!

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