City And Colour Lyrics

City and Colour features the highly anticipated artistry of
Alexisonfire's very own Dallas Green. Dallas Green's
full-length album entitled "Sometimes" released under his
solo moniker City and Colour, features Green' s melodically
driven musical lyricism on solo acoustic guitar. With a
poignant vocal styling and lyrics that speak of impulse and
introspection, Green affects his audience by offering his
own personal testimony.

Last year, Green, whose gold-selling band Alexisonfire won
a 2005 Juno Award for New Group of the Year, More...

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Review about City And Colour songs
A few tricky one! | Reviewer: Monique
    ------ About the song Commentators performed by City And Colour

No, I'm just looking for the sweetest melody
I will take my things and leave
Amateur (no "s") commentators
As it Drapes across your back
Believing all you have is wonderful
Instead of everything that you lack

So close to home | Reviewer: Keeley W
    ------ About the song Hello, I'm In Delaware performed by City And Colour

I dated a guy for about 2 months before he moved to a different state, and one of his favorite artists was City and Colour. I started listening to this song and this album after he left, and it was the worst thing I could have done to myself, because every single lyric in this song, In The Water I am Beautiful, and Comin Home seem to pertain to my relationship with him. He won't talk to me at all now for no reason, and it makes this album even harder to listen to. Ugh, so hard.

Lost boys | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Grand Optimist performed by City And Colour

Divorced parents?

He wants to be strong like big daddy but he's too much like mom, fine for her not so fine for the guy; he's supposed to be strong but he feels too much now & there's no running away from this neglected side of himself that's taking over....? Now he gets to know what the other half feels like

Not a City and Colour Song | Reviewer: Ichi Oni
    ------ About the song The Grace performed by City And Colour

This is not a City and Colour song. Its actually a Neverending White Lights song. NWL has guest musicians and Dallas Green was a guest vocalist for this particular song. It is actually a very good song otherwise. Dallas is very talented. I saw him a few times in concert when he was with Alexisonfire.

distance | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Hello, I'm In Delaware performed by City And Colour

This song really hit home for me because I've been in a long distance relationship with someone from Maryland for almost 2 years now. It's the hardest thing to do. What's even more odd is that I live in Delaware, and when we see each other it's him coming here. The song is very applicable to our relationship.

City and colour | Reviewer: Mpume
    ------ About the song Happiness by the Kilowatt performed by City And Colour

Dallas Greens's voice together with the lyrics of the song and the piano create an undescribable feeling when the song's got a depressing yet uplifting edge 2 suggests a somewhat different outlook on creates pictures,moving pictures...a story in my mind....what an amazing artist..

Agree! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sensible Heart performed by City And Colour

I use to listen to c&c but I lost track of them through time. Since yesterday, my great friend j introduced me back unexpectedly. Once I heard this song ... Everything just started making my heart feel at ease. Yea, im still a lil shaken by my situation but im not gonna let it bring me down. When we all get to that point of driving ourselves mad from all the what ifs? And what happend? We seem to forget, that we once thought with the most important thing ANY human being has ... Our sensible heart. This song is officially my hearts medicine.

Inlove. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Against The Grain performed by City And Colour

Amazing amazing song. I loveee dallas green so much. He has the ability to put into words everything im thinking and this song is just so beautiful. Not just the words, everything about it. The harmonica, the softness, the melody, his voice. Lovelovelove. <3

A Father's Review | Reviewer: Tony Cruz
    ------ About the song The Girl performed by City And Colour

When my daughter [who is a college Freshman living 170 miles away] got an iPod Nano to replace her Classic, I "adopted" her old iPod. When I opened an account myself, I "inherited" her old library which included these beautiful lyrics of an equally beautiful and haunting melody. In this day and age where a large fraction of the musical repertoire is marred by carnage and base desires, it's refreshing and just plain wonderful, to see such an inspiring short story set to music. Hearing it always evokes a fond tear when I too, think of my "Beautiful Girl". Thanks, City and Colour. You're loved not only by today's youth, but by their progenitors as well.

SIMPLY AMAZING | Reviewer: Zhaandre
    ------ About the song Comin' Home performed by City And Colour

Although this is such a beautiful song, I can't help but feel sad. I'm currently separated from the love of my life, and he is my home. Its like Dallas Green knows exactly how I feel, I can relate to most of his songs.

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