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City And Colour Biography

Last updated: 05/09/2012 12:00:00 PM

City and Colour features the highly anticipated artistry of Alexisonfire's very own Dallas Green. Dallas Green's full-length album entitled "Sometimes" released under his solo moniker City and Colour, features Green' s melodically driven musical lyricism on solo acoustic guitar. With a poignant vocal styling and lyrics that speak of impulse and introspection, Green affects his audience by offering his own personal testimony.

Last year, Green, whose gold-selling band Alexisonfire won a 2005 Juno Award for New Group of the Year, released a limited edition EP. Wildly circulated on the Internet, the release caused such an overwhelming underground buzz that fans as far away as Europe and Australia were emailing the Alexisonfire site asking how to obtain copies.

Taking it all in stride, Green remains sincere, and affable. "Sometimes" is a culmination of music that he has been writing on his own for over a decade. With Julius Butty at the helm, (producer of Alexisonfire's Gold album "Watch Out!") "Sometimes" will come out on Dine Alone Records formed by Alexisonfire's Manager Joel Carriere. The label is an imprint of Greg Below's Distort Records, Alexisonfire's Canadian label, which is distributed by Universal Music Canada