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3 Doors Down Citizen Soldiers Lyrics

Last updated: 01/10/2010 10:00:00 AM

Beyond the boundaries of your city's lights.
Stand the heroes waiting for your cries.
So many times you did not bring this on yourself.
When the moment finally comes, I'll be there to help.

On that day, when you need your brothers and sisters to care.
I'll be right here.

Citizen soldiers.
Holding the light for the ones that we guide from the dark of despair.
Standing on guard for the ones that we shelter.
We'll always be ready because we will always be there.

When there's people crying in the streets.
When they're starving for a meal to eat.
When they simply need a place to make their beds.
Right here underneath my wing, you can rest your head.

On that day, when you need your brothers and sisters to care.
I'll be right here.


Hope and pray, that you never need me.
but rest assured I will not let you down.
I walk beside you, but you may not see me.
The strongest among you may not wear a crown.

On the day when you need your brothers and sisters to care.
I'll be right here.
On that day when you don't have strength for the burden you bear.
I'll be right here.


Thanks to Justin Snyder for submitting Citizen Soldiers Lyrics.

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citizens not soldiers | Reviewer: znofob | 1/8/10

Not national guard, not active duty, not army, not navy, not af, not marines. Not even coast guard. This is about true patriots, not those who sign up with good intentions but cannot find their butts with both hands. Soldiers are good. Citizen soldiers will care for you when regular soldiers come into YOUR cities.

Jodie, Lori, Come Home Soon x | Reviewer: Zara | 5/26/09

I love this song. I agree with all of your opinions. I am a fan of the military and am hoping to join when i come of age. I have two cousins, Jodie and Lori, who are in the Army and the Mirines. Jodie is in the mirines and Lori in the Army. I miss them alot and this song always makes me think of them. It makes me feel really bad for not being able to do more for people and it makes me respect them all the more. I just wish that more people did

Excellent Song!!! It Truly Represents The Soldiers Who Fight Every Day!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/09

I completly agree with Brian Palmer this songs does truly represent the soldiers who fight for us everday. And to the anonymus writer who are you to say its not about the National Guard. I've seen the music video for Citizen Soliders, The song respents The Armed Forces & That Includes the National Guard.

love of a soldier | Reviewer: betsy ault | 12/6/08

I met my husband while serving in Iraq. We have 2 babies, one boy and one girl. When he feel in love with me and took me to be his own he also inherited a step-son. Whom he said made him want to be a Daddy. Last year I was called back up to deploy back to Iraq... Instead my husband took my place so his step-son would not have to be with out me again... My husband was killed in action on 4-9-08 this year... serving in my place... this song touchs me on so many leavels... thank you guys.

not national guard | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/31/08

I think the song isn't talking about the National Guard, as grateful as I am to your guys for your service to our country. The song is talking about regular citizens who you wouldn't even notice in your every day life who will be there for you in the case of any emergency of any kind. It's just about ANYONE who cares about others enough to be prepared to help them in ANY way that may become necessary. That's just what I get out of it.

heartbreaking | Reviewer: Sara | 3/3/08

I've always loved 3DD, but when I first heard this song I felt something rip my insides apart. I don't know why, the music and lyrics simply attached to my emotions and won't go away.
Good job 3DD, as usual...

awsome | Reviewer: brian palmer | 1/16/08

i am a national guard soldier stationed in iraq doing my tour and my duty to serve my country. this song say everything about us and three doors down never fails to lift my spirits with there music

EXCELLENT! | Reviewer: Beth | 12/9/07

Wow. I absolutely love this song. This usually isn't my type of music genre but this one is catchy. It has a great meaning and it makes you think alot about the soldiers across the water fighting for us.