Citizen Cope Lyrics

Like a cool breeze blowing through the soundscapes of
contemporary musical composition, the material composed by
Citizen Cope for his RCA debut The Clarence Greenwood
Recordings marks a new high point for this compelling and
evocative songwriter.

“When you’re writing a song, you take in everything – the
people you’ve met, what you’ve experienced” says Cope,
whose real name is Clarence Greenwood. “You take in
everything and it makes a story.” Recalling classic
American forms ranging from dust-bowl fiction to the gritty
urban poetry More...

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Review about Citizen Cope songs
Can't stop! | Reviewer: KayEmGee
    ------ About the song Sideways performed by Citizen Cope

For me, this song can relate to anyone who has ever been in love. And you can not stop thinking about them even f the relationship is complicated. You can not stop thinks about this person no matter how long it has been since you have seen them

hits me sideways everytime | Reviewer: sad chimp
    ------ About the song Sideways performed by Citizen Cope

my girl cheated on me for almost 4 years and I did'nt notice until recently.
We decided to stay together, but imagining her with the other guy is just devastating.

it seems these feelings won't go away. I have no diamonds so I don't know if they fade but I would like to see the flowers bloom again.

These feeling's won't go away...... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sideways performed by Citizen Cope

I've only ever known a few song's that are so able to cut to the quick of how I'm feeling. The lyrics and the tone of this song can mean many things but for me they can mean only one thing.........And I almost wish I could stop listening.

Memories.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mandy performed by Citizen Cope

I used to date a girl named mandy and I would play this all the time when I was with her because, not surprisingly, she loved it. I love the song regardless, but everytime I hear it I remember the great times we had together..... great song.....

Sideways | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sideways performed by Citizen Cope

Definitely feelin this song. For me, it means that he is in a rough spot. The ending of one thing, and the start of another. "Diamonds they fade, and flowers they bloom." His feelings keep haunting him, and he doesn't know exactly how to handle them. This song hits me hard.

meaning | Reviewer: John Arlock
    ------ About the song Let The Drummer Kick performed by Citizen Cope

Theese lyrics truly are genius. Some of them may not really relate to Each other, but it is true about what they say.

Identification (gives you the right to shoot)
Retaliation (what would it do?)
Education (gives you the right to do)
^ that makes alot of sense, maby this song is about how you were created and its a gift or a blessing and its saying you can do anything you want, but is your action worth taking?

Missing you Pats, these feelings won't go away | Reviewer: lindy
    ------ About the song Sideways performed by Citizen Cope

My best friend in the universe, made me listen to this song one day. I didn't understand what she wanted me to know. I found her dead from her illness' less than a month from that day. I now know what she wanted me to hear. She is the butterfly around the flowers that bloom... I let my tears of sorrow and love flow down my cheeks whenever I listen and think about Patty and Sideways

knockin' me sideways | Reviewer: Kaylizzle
    ------ About the song Sideways performed by Citizen Cope

These feelings won't go away
They've been knockin' me sideways
They've been knockin' me out babe
Whenever you come around me

makes me cry every time i hear it... speically the end. the song to me could mean sad or good. for me its both..

I could say alot about this song but...less is more!!! | Reviewer: Ryan
    ------ About the song Sideways performed by Citizen Cope

This song hits every love string in your body and on top of that it hits some sad ones to. But i fine it does not make you sad that you just want to sit in a ball......!if your in love! it makes you( or maybe its just me) relize that its not just about the little things that we get hung up on all the time !!!!!! and that everyone doesnt know how to work there feelings and that we should just be honest about them!!! seeing as the less is more part did work ill add that in now:P

this song is beauty in the form of a song!!! its what you want it to be...just like life!!!!

Diamonds they fade and flowers they bloom | Reviewer: Jaime
    ------ About the song Sideways performed by Citizen Cope

This song is art, the melancholy way the song is sang and the lyrics that dance by them hit their emotional target. Have it on my playlist and it usually gets heavy rotation. Love this song


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