Citizen Cope Albums

  • One Lovely Day Album (7/17/2012)
    One Lovely Day
    Something To Believe In
    Dancer From Brazil
    Back Then
    Peace River
    For A Dollar
    Southern Nights
    A Wonder

  • The Rainwater LP Album (3/2/2010)
    Keep Askin'
    Healing Hands
    I Couldn't Explain Why
    Off The Ground
    The Newspaper
    A Father's Son

  • Every Waking Moment Album (9/12/2006)
    Back Together
    Every Waking Moment
    Friendly Fire
    More Than It Seems
    Brother Lee
    107 Degrees
    John Lennon
    All Dressed Up
    Left For Dead

  • The Clarence Greenwood Recordings Album (9/14/2004)
    Nite Becomes Day
    Pablo Picasso
    My Way Home
    Son's Gonna Rise
    Hurricane Waters
    D'Artagnan's Theme
    Bullet And A Target

  • Citizen Cope Album (1/29/2002)

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    Reviews about Citizen Cope albums

    JUSTICE | Reviewer: Ryan Dawson
        ------ About the album The Clarence Greenwood Recordings performed by Citizen Cope

    well i'm not a big citizen c fan but there are alot of good songs by this band. i really like this album. it speaks to me the way music should. i ate a banana and listend to it. i loved it. god bless citizen c

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