Cirith Gorgor Albums

  • Unveiling The Essence Album (3/15/2001)
    Conquering The Shadowworld
    Unveiling The Essence
    Bellum Germanicum
    Northern Spell Of Warcraft
    Into A Nightly Silence
    A Twilight Serenade
    The Stormrulers (The Art Of Megalomania)
    Visions Of A Distant Past

  • Onwards To The Spectral Defile Album (3/15/1999)
    The Declaration Of Our Neverending War
    Winter Embraces Lands Beyond
    Through Burning Wastelands
    Sons Of The New Dawn
    A Hymn To The Children Of Heimdall
    Darkness Returns
    Wandering Cirith Gorgor
    Ephel Duath (A Warrior's Tale)
    Shadows Over Isengard
    Thorns Of Oblivion

  • Mystic Legends... Album (3/15/1997)
    Intro (Mystic Legends...)
    Darkness Returns
    Winter Embraces Lands Beyond
    Shadows Over Isengard
    Perishing Nights (A Nocturnal Gathering)

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