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Cirith Gorgor Biography

Last updated: 03/14/2003 08:04:45 PM


Cirith Gorgor was raised at the end of 1993 by the two guitarists Astaroth Daemonum and Asmoday. About half a year later Levithmong joined them on drums. They first started out under the name of Dark Sorceress and after doing some covers from bands such as Mayhem, Slayer and Darkthrone, they got accustomed to each other’s playing styles.
Then the first songs were written, and the horde was completed when Lord Mystic entered the realm of Cirith Gorgor, taking responsibility for the bass guitar. The lyrics are inspired by the hate against organised religion, darkness, mythology, witchcraft, and authors like Tolkien. Almost all members contribute lyrics, which explains the diversity of the topics dealt with.
At the end of 1995 Cirith Gorgor kicked their first vocalist out of the band. Due to lack of motivation he was considered no longer suited for Cirith Gorgor. Despite this fact they kept rehearsing and continued to work on new material.
After having done some auditions it became evident that Nimroth was the right person to replace him. He joined the Cirith Gorgor horde and still remains the permanent vocalist. Also Nimroth became part of the writing process by contributing lyrics. Cirith Gorgor began to develop the style they play nowadays, which is fast, yet melodic Black Metal. Then on the 26th of April 1997 Cirith Gorgor performed their first live show in Rotterdam – The Netherlands. Unfortunately the gig was a rather mediocre one, however, two weeks later they performed a lot better.
At the end of November of that same year Cirith Gorgor recorded their first demo titled “Mystic Legends…” First intention was to release this demo in a limited hand-numbered edition of 250 copies, the demand after being sold out however remained great, and therefore Cirith Gorgor decided to print 100 more in a slightly different lay-out. A few weeks later these were sold out too. Also several more live performances were given with the likes of amongst others Behemoth, Centurian, Bifrost, Ancient, Occult, Aeternus, Liar Of Golgotha, Severe Torture and Ordo Draconis.
Then almost exactly a year later the band got in contact with French label Osmose Productions. They showed interest in Cirith Gorgor and the band were offered a contract. The band took the opportunity and planned to record their debut album at the end of November 1998. In the following year, 1999, this album titled “Onwards to the Spectral Defile” was released in May.
Due to personal circumstances Asmoday decided to leave the band just after the recording sessions. Cirith Gorgor had to find a new guitar player and he was found in a rather short period of time. Cirith Gorgor recruited Marchosias and the band was once again able to continue to wander the path…
The first gigs with Marchosias were given with bands such as Asphyx, Sinister, Testament, Shadowbreed, Enthroned, Warlust and many more. Then the band also started composing new material for a follow-up for “Onwards…” which received positive reactions and reviews almost everywhere. With a new writer, composer, in the band the second album “Unveiling the Essence” turned out better, heavier, more aggressive and more brutal than ever before. The band kept their own style namely fast and extreme black metal, but still with a melodic touch.

"Unveiling the Essence" was recorded and mixed at the well-known Harrow studio (Pentacle, Melechesh, Asphyx, Warlust) in The Netherlands. The album was recorded during 9 days in October 2000 and mixed in December of that same year. Once again released through Osmose Productions in mid 2001, this second full-length album received even better reactions than the debut.
After a great cd presentation party with Enthroned and Dead Head, and a successful gig with Hades Almighty the band faced more troubles once again. Founding member and guitarist Astaroth Daemonum decided to leave the band, for he could no longer combine the band with his other daily life activities.
On top of that, Osmose decided to stop working with Cirith Gorgor too. Once again the band had to find a new guitar player and fortunately one was found soon; Inferno of the Dutch Black Metal band Tartaros.
While searching for a new guitarist the band also worked on new material, resulting in recording a promo which includes 4 new songs. This promo titled "Demonic Incarnation" is not intended to be sold. Two of the featured songs are currently released on a limited 7"ep by Ketzer Records (Germany) and Regimental Records (USA). The track "Infinite Consecration" will only appear on the EP; the remaining three will be re-recorded for a new album to be recorded later this year. Also new self-financed shirts for the "Unveiling the Essence" album were released in an edition of 100 copies. The band is currently working on and rehearsing new material.

New t-shirts have been printed and are also for sale, however, only through Ketzer records and Regimental records.

At the beginning of August of 2003 Cirith Gorgor will start recording the new full length album. The recording will be lead by Alex of Q-Sonic.
July 2nd 2003: Cirith Gorgor signed to Painkiller records.

Current line up:

NIMROTH - vocals

MARCHOSIAS - guitars

INFERNO - guitars

LORD MYSTIC - bass guitar


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